Park Designers Want Your Feedback

Barrington's Police Cove Park Committee invites you to a public presentation on Monday evening to review the design concept chosen for the County Road site in Barrington.

It's your turn on Monday, Jan. 30, to weigh in on the conceptual design chosen for the proposed Police Cove Park in Barrington, and to toss out ideas to make the park a popular destination.

The public session will run from 7 to 9 pm in the Council Chamber in Town Hall.

The ad hoc Police Cove Park Committee has been reviewing concepts since late last spring for the vacant one-acre site off of County Road at the Andreozzi Bridge over the Barrington River. Now the members of the board and the design team want your recommendations and suggestions.

"Designers are looking for ideas to make Police Cove a destination that draws people from County Road, the East Bay Bike Path and the Barrington River," said Town Planner Phil Hervey.

The evening also will include a presentation by Project for Public Spaces on the “Power of 10” – a concept that any great place itself needs to offer at least 10 things to do or 10 reasons to be there, Hervey said. 

Several renditions of the favored concept will be presented, said Steve Derderian, the land use specialist from the Vanasse Hangen Brustlin Inc. consulting group working with the committee.

The different versions of the design will show the flexibility and potential pieces that could go into the park depending on final funding, he said. In short, more money, more pieces, more flexibility and potential usage.

Barrington already has $500,000 on hand to develop the park, but Town Planner Phil Hervey is applying for another $200,000 state grant that would push funds for the park to almost three-quarters of a million dollars.

The different renditions of the concept for the former police station site to be presented will include the following:

  • bike path on the northern edge that connects to the East Bay Bike Path on the east side of the one-acre site
  • parking for approximately 35 cars
  • parking area for boat trailers on the east side
  • boat ramp into the Barrington River
  • new transient dock on the river
  • existing harbormaster dock
  • paved observation deck that overlooks the cove
  • walkway around the southern perimeter of the site
  • swath of open space with still undetermined uses
  • pavilion that could be as simple as a canvas roof or tent
  • parking area for food trucks
  • play area for children
  • paved fountain area

Most-desired programming and attractions for the open space still must be determined, said Hervey. That’s where input from the public is considered especially valuable.

For instance, is it necessary to include parking for food trucks? Or are food vendors not necessary to attract users and keep them in the park?

What programming is desirable?

Concerts, plays, films, flea markets, a farmers market, educational talks and walks, art expos and, perhaps, wedding and birthday celebrations have been tossed about by committee members as potential uses for the park.

Construction of the park is expected to be completed by the end of this year or early in 2013, said Hervey.

But first, he said, the committee and consultant want to know what you think.



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