BankNewport a Good Samaritan

The Barrington bank will pay to ship all the toiletries and everyday items collected by the Thurston family for Army medic Zach Silva and his unit in Afghanistan.

will pick up the cost of shipping for the hundreds and hundreds of everyday items collected by the Thurston family in Barrington for their neighbor, Army medic Zach Silva and his unit in Afghanistan.

Todd Thurston said the bank read the Patch story on Thursday, July 19 that said the unexpected cost of shipping was putting a financial strain on his family, even though he still planned to do what he had to do to get the toiletries, snacks and other items to the soldiers.

A BankNewport representative read the story, Thurston said, and contacted him almost immediately with the good news for the good deed.

“I’m working it out,” Thurston said on Wednesday afternoon after meeting with local postal officials. “I really want to get it to Zach and his unit. I want him to be the most popular guy in his unit for one day.”

It appears that Thurston will get his wish – with BankNewport’s assistance.

“I’m meeting with the branch manager Friday to work out the details,” said Thurston Thursday afternoon.

Silva lives with his family a few houses down the street from Thurston on Fireside Drive. Thurston considers Zach a real American hero.

He was wounded a couple of months ago when an Afghan national stepped on an IED (improvised explosive device) while leading the unit on a patrol. Five soldiers were severely wounded and some of them lost limbs from the explosion and the ensuing firefight, said Ron Silva, Zach’s father. See the first Patch story.

Zach suffered burns from shards of metal shrapnel that pierced his back. He will get the Purple Heart for his injuries. Silva might also get a Silver Star for his heroism in the ensuing firefight, during which he is credited by the Pentagon with saving numerous lives, his father said.

Zach was home a few weeks ago during a leave. It was soon after Thurston chatted with Zach’s father that he got the idea of collecting the items that soldiers often go without.

Thurston primarily asked his neighbors to lend a hand. They did big time. And they were joined by residents from all over Barrington after the original Patch story was posted, Thurston said.

Shades of Gray July 22, 2012 at 11:05 AM
This was a nice thing for this family to do and also for BankNewport to step up, but I have go say, that having lived in 3rd world country, collecting and shipping these items is not the best way to go. Money donations go a lot further, as these items can probably be purchased directly in-country.


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