Enjoy the BEST of Summer Theater

The Barrington Enrichment Summer Theater (BEST) camp ends its first session with a festival of one-act plays this weekend.

The Barrington Enrichment Summer Theater (BEST) camp finishes up its first summer session with a festival of one-act plays on Friday, July 13, and Saturday, July 14. 

Actors from ages 8 to 18 have been preparing six short comedies, five directed by students, according to BEST director Maurice "Reid" Eighme.

Performances will be held in the Barrington Public Library auditorium at 7 pm each day.

BEST is a Barrington theater program held Monday through Friday at Barrington High School from 8 am to 3 pm. At the camp, said Eighme, "young actors are fully immersed in both show rehearsals and theater workshops ranging from Movement and Dance, to Monologues and Improv, to Juggling and Flag Spinning."

The second session, said Eighme, will also include "our infamous stage combat workshop that culminates in a chocolaty and 'bloody' outdoor mess."

BEST gives young actors "plenty of stage time and acting workshops based off college-level theater courses," said Eighme. "Our staff carefully tailors these classes to work with the actors’ abilities to allow each actor to grow at their own pace in a supportive and accepting environment.

"We keep the environment playful with theatre games and (a camp favorite) 'Wacky Wednesdays', said Eighme. "Our actors are in an average of three shows and take ten workshops each session."

"We feel it is important that each actor has the opportunity to have both leading and supporting roles, as both will be important in an actor's life," he said.

BEST's second three-week session begins on Monday, July 6, and runs through August 4.  

"There are still open spaces, so don’t waste the rest of your summer, sign up today," said Eighme. 

Session 2 will include five more plays, many more workshops, and a Musical Review, he said. 

If you can’t do the whole three-week session, Eighme said, you can sign up for the one-week option to join the workshops and the fun! 

Here is the Session 1 show schedule for Friday:

"Rapunzel Uncut" by Mariah Everman

Directed by Elizabeth Felag

Performed by Chris Finn, Allie Ray, Tim Gamache, Ben Sheinkopf, Tara Stein, Max Blane, Elena Serrano, Aiden Clegg           

"The Bible In 30 Minutes ... Or Less!" by Anton Bucher

Directed by Ben Sheinkopf

Performed by Ian Buffum, Dyer Combariza, Chris Finn, Abby Hurley, Allie Ray, Elena Serrano, Elana Sheinkopf, Tara Stein, Max Blane, Casey Turgeon, Isabelle Giuttari, Maya Wold, Rachel Fuentes, Matt Zeleznik 

"The Absolute Most Clichéd Elevator Play in the History of the Entire Universe" by Werner Trieschmann

Directed by Tim Gamache

Performed by Casey Turgeon, Abby Hurley, Elena Serrano, Ethan Lescault, Elana Sheinkopf, Eli Sheinkopf, Isabelle Giuttari, Maya Wold, Gabby Duquette, Dyer Combariza, Max Johnson   

Here is the show schedue for Saturday:

"The Very UnMerry Adventures of Robin Hood" by Patrick Greene and Jason Pizzarello 

Directed by Charlene Pratt

Performed by Eli Sheinkopf, Max Blane, Matt Zeleznik, Chris Finn, Rachel Fuentes, Casey Turgeon, Violet Johnson, Ethan Lescault, Elana Sheinkopf, Tara Stein, Ian Buffum 

"Short Comedic Scenes"

Directed by Abby Hurley

Performed by Ben Sheinkopf, Maya Wold, Isabelle Giuttari, Elizabeth Felag, Violet Johnson, Ethan Lescault, Eli Sheinkopf, Gabby Duquette 

"Happily Ever After" by George Halitzka

Directed by Allie Ray

Performed by Isabelle Giuttari, Elizabeth Felag, Maya Wold, Ian Buffum, Casey Turgeon, Rachel Fuentes, Aiden Clegg, Gabby Duquette, Tim Gamache, Matt Zeleznik, Max Johnson.


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