Camp Counselors Learn Kids' Safety

Barrington EMTs train counselors at summer camps how to respond to emergency medical situations until professionals can arrive.

Barrington’s summer camp counselors – old and new – spent three hours on Wednesday morning getting certified in first aid and CPR.

“We do train all staff in safety awareness,” said John Taylor, recreation director, which makes all the camps as safe as possible for children.

Leading the training in the Council Chamber in Town Hall were Barrington EMT/cardiacs David Paull and Bob Flauss, partners on Rescue 1 and operators of CPR Training Associates.

The class was requested by Taylor, said Paull, “as he feels it is essential to have the camp staff trained in CPR, AED (automated external defibrillator) use, and first aid  -- and I couldn't agree more.”

Paull said the camp counselors seemed “to understand a great deal of medical information thrown at them. They understand the importance of the safety of the children in their care and the parents of these children should be grateful for this extent of training.”
Paull and Flauss also provide training to day care centers in Barrington, including Kid's Quarters, Kid's Junction, and Barrington Pediatrics. They have trained workers in Town Hall, the library, harbor patrol, the highway department, and the senior center in CPR and AED.

“The town of Barrington is second to none in maintaining CPR and AED training for its staff,” said Paull. “AEDs are in all of the town buildings.”


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