'Alice/Alex in Wonderland' Debuts Tonight, Saturday

The Arts Alive! production, 'Alice/Alex in Wonderland', features a cast of pupils at Primrose Hill School.

“Alice/Alex in Wonderland” opens tonight, Jan. 20, and continues Saturday afternoon, Jan. 21, at the Barrington Middle School.

This adaptation of the classic “Alice in Wonderland” tale is the first production of the 2011-2012 school year by Arts Alive!, the nonprofit Barrington theater program for elementary school children.

The production involves a cast of scores of pupils at Primrose Hill School. Tonight’s show starts at 7 pm. Tomorrow’s matinee starts at 2 pm.

“Traditionally, 'Alice in Wonderland' is an old favorite,” said Dean Davis, artistic director of Arts Alive!  “A little girl who is daydreaming follows a rabbit and falls down a rabbit hole. Once down there she is caught up in a crazy, upside-down world of adventure and continues to search for the rabbit to help her get out and find her way home.

“This 'Alice/Alex in Wonderland' follows a kid who wants to be a musician but everyone wants her/him to be quiet and study and do things the way they want them to be done.

“She/he is searching for the rhythms in her/his own head. She/he wants people to see her for what she really is and so she follows a bunny with a guitar on her back down a deep hole into a crazy mixed up place continuously searching for her own music in her head, her own identity.

“She finds it at the end when she stands up at her ‘trial’ and shouts her name loud and clear ... I am Alice!”

The play is directed by Clau­dia Traub. Barrington recording artist Pat McGee is providing spe­cial music.

Tickets are $5. Contact artsalivebarrington@cox.net to see if tick­ets are being sold at the door.

Other Arts Alive! productions this year are "Peter Pan" at Nayatt School, which will debut on Feb. 10-11 at Barrington High School; "Bugsy Malone" at Hampden Meadows School, and "101 Dalmatians" at Sowams School.


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