Tuition Program Can Defray St. Luke's Cost

The Diocese of Providence recently announced that it's accepting applications for the Financial Aid for Children’s Education of Rhode Island (FACE) program.

Students looking to attend one of Rhode Island's 42 Catholic schools — including St. Luke's School in Barrington — can get some help with tuition through the Diocese of Providence's Financial Aid for Children’s Education of Rhode Island (FACE) program.

The FACE program is directed at students in households with income of less than 250 percent of the federal poverty standard, with their need also verified by a third party.

During the current school year, 162 students out of a total of 4,947 who received financial aid were through FACE.

FACE is supported by donations from businesses who receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit [not a tax deduction] for supporting the program. The program is also seeking more contributions.

Click the links above for more information on FACE, and on how to make business contributions to the program.


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