See School Strategic Plan on a Page

The Barrington School Committee has created a Strategic Plan for the schools that can be seen on one easy-to-read page.

Rarely does a Barrington School Committee meeting go by without a reference to the new Strategic Plan for the schools.

It's a product of many hours of work by a committee of volunteers, administrators, staff and School Committee members. It's a guide for the next few years at least.

Well, you can take a look at the mission, vision, values and beliefs and five goals for the schools on one easy-to-read page. See the pdf above or go to the new Barrington Public Schools website.

Lorraine F February 13, 2013 at 01:58 PM
Respectfully speaking, where is the "engage parents" part? And "Ensure success for every student" as an objective sounds more like a "Spend whatever it takes to ensure success" mentality by school officials. Sorry for sounding critical, but this looks too much like a "more money needed" backpack flier just before contract time.
Manifold Witness February 13, 2013 at 02:06 PM
So, um, like, yesterday this, um, like self-motivated, empowered, skilled, goal-oriented communicator-union-teacher was really, like, um, continuously, positively, communicating impatience for self-centered success in getting out of town as fast as possible after school in the Bimmer, and so…um… was, like….um.. tailgating other drivers, and like, um, being that we are critical and creative problem-solvers who effectively manage fiscal resources, we think this Bimmer driver is already overcompensated and no amount of educational-speak-blah-blah-blah will convince us otherwise, so let's get to some specifics: How are the negotiations with the union going? How much is the proposed budget? How much is the tax increase? It’s almost time for the teachers to vote themselves raises at the Financial Town Meeting.


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