POLL: Raise Taxes For Wood Shop?

Are you willing to pay a bit more in taxes to save wood shop at the Barrington Middle School?

The School Committee's elimination of a teacher for wood shop at the Barrington Middle School caused a bit of consternation at the annual budget hearing on Wednesday evening.

A middle school student, Calvin Banas, actually submitted a petition to the School Committee at its most recent meeting to save wood shop. It had more than 450 signatures.

Now there is a possibility that an amendment will be made to the proposed school budget to put up to $100,000 back into the spending plan at the Financial Town Meeting on May 23.

Are you willing to pay a bit more in taxes -- about 5 cents more per $1,000 of assessed value -- to save wood shop? Complete the Patch Poll and please use the comment box.

Townie May 11, 2012 at 04:07 PM
In the times of lower enrollment, the school budgets should be going down not up. I would agree to reinstate the position only if another position is eliminated. More students get you more teachers; fewer students mean fewer teachers needed.
Manifold Witness May 11, 2012 at 04:28 PM
If the teachers gave back just a teensy-weensy-teeny-tiny little bit they could save their friend's job with no tax increase.
Terry Coffey May 11, 2012 at 07:26 PM
I would definetly pay more in taxes to save this program,our children have so many demands put on them during the school day,woodshop is a fun social hands on learning experience,my spec.ed daughter took wood shop the entire time she was so proud of her projects it's more than a class it's a life skill which there aren't many anymore,This program has been around for 30+ years and has been a positive experience why take it away now,there's got to be another way,instead of asking adults how they feel why don't you ask the students.There the one's it affects!!!
wd May 11, 2012 at 11:01 PM
I sat behind a High School / Middle School bus the other day & was surprised to discover they have BUS MONITORS? My daughter's bus only has them in the afternoon and not the morning. Not sure about any other buses. Two things come to mind... do we really need this service for kids in 6th through 12th grade? Very doubtful. If the sleepy kids standing in the near dark of winter mornings waiting for the bus do not need a monitor, yhy ever would they need one after school? There has to be some saving to be found here to help save woodshop. The bus monitors can get on the buses at Sowams, Primrose & Nayatt AFTER the BHS/BMS route. Thank you Calvin Banas for leading the charge!
Scott Clark May 12, 2012 at 01:32 AM
I can understand the "no new taxes" mood. But I don't agree that eliminating the woodshop role is the same as eliminating another more liberal arts role. Removing a history or math teacher, or converting to a part time role, means another set of classrooms inherit more students. While the density of school classrooms is itself an issue, the premise is at least that the school is not outright nixing a program by getting rid of one teacher in that course. Therefore, in theory, the students are still learning the topic. As I understand this woodshop role though, with it goes the whole program. That means the students don't get exposure to it at all. THAT is the loss because it only gets harder to dabble in crafting fields the older you get, unless you actively pursue a career in it. And down that vector one is the dangerous precedent of then nixing the chorus program, or the art program, or the gym one. Maybe it's all the focus on standardized testing that makes these decisions. Maybe it's time to standardize testing of the arts.


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