School Board to Hear How 'Per Pupil Expenditure' Calculated

Among the items on the School Committee agenda for tonight's meeting is a discussion of how Barrington's low 'per pupil expenditure' is calculated.

An explanation of how Barrington's per pupil expenditure (PPE) figure is calculated is among the items on the agenda for the School Committee meeting tonight, Feb. 7.

The meeting starts at 7:30 pm in the School Committee Meeting Room in Town Hall.

Barrington's per pupil expenditure was calculted at approximately $12,600 at the end of the 2011 school year -- the fifth lowest PPE in Rhode Island, according to a RI Department of Education (RIDE) listing on the school website. It is a figure that the School Committee touts with pride when presenting its annual budget requests each year.

RIDE calculates that expenditure based on a Uniform Chart of Accounts (UCOA) used by each school district, which provides an apples-to-apples comparison, said Elliott Krieger, communications officer for RIDE.

The Uniform Chart of Accounts (UCOA) was developed by RIDE in partnership with the Auditor General and all school districts in the state, according to its website. It's described as "a system of numbers and a method of accounting that provides transparency, uniformity, accountability, and comparability of financial information for all schools and districts."

Ron Tarro, Barrington's director of administration and finance, will explain what the chart of accounts involves.

Here is the complete agenda for the meeting:


Government Center, 283 County Road, Barrington, RI  02806  

AGENDA February 7, 2013 7:30 p.m.  

A. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE (approx. 7:30 – 7:32 p.m.)  

B. ACHIEVEMENT RECOGNITION (approx. 7:32 – 7:37 p.m.)  

C. INFORMATION AND PROPOSALS (approx. 7:37 – 8:22 p.m.)

1.  Budget Workshop  


E. OLD BUSINESS (approx. 8:32 – 8:42 p.m.)

Superintendent and Staff/School Committee

1. Discussion on Use of School Facilities Policy 

F. NEW BUSINESS (approx. 8:42 – 9:17 p.m.)

Superintendent and Staff

1. Personnel Appointments

MS, Secretary

HS, Varsity Girls Lacrosse Head Coach

Requests for Leave of Absence

MS, English

HS, Math Resignations

HS, Boys Assistant Volleyball Coach

HS, Junior Varsity Baseball Head Coach

Retirement MS, Math

2. Approval of Request for Home Schooling

3. Review and Approval of School Calendar 2013-2014

4. Per Pupil Expenditure Calculation and FY2012 Audit  

School Committee

1. Vacancy on Senior Project Committee

2. School Committee and Committee on Appropriations Joint Meeting Confirmation for March 14 and Establish Agenda Items  

G. DECISION ITEMS (approx. 9:17 – 9:20 p.m.)

1. Consent Agenda

Meeting Minutes Open Meeting and Executive Session of January 14, 2013

Open Meeting and Executive Session of January 17, 2013

Open Meeting and Executive Session of January 28, 2013  

DISCUSSION ITEMS (approx. 9:20 – 9:30 p.m.)

1. Discussion Future Agenda Items

2. General Discussion to Guide Future Recommendations  


EXECUTIVE SESSION (approx. 9:40 – 10:10 p.m.) Pursuant to R.I. Gen Laws Section 42-46-5(a)(1) for Personnel; Section 42-46-5(a)(2) for Collective Bargaining and Litigation with NEAB, United Steelworkers and BEST; and Section 42-46-5(a)(3) for discussion regarding school buildings security issues. 

The next regular meeting of the Barrington School Committee is scheduled for Thursday, February 14, 2013 at Government Center, 283 County Road, Barrington, RI 02806. 

Manifold Witness February 07, 2013 at 10:26 PM
Magic RIDOE/LEA math. 13. ”The core instruction amount does not include those costs determined to be entirely controlled at the local level, federally funded, funded by other state programs, or can be consolidated into statewide or regional efficiencies. These costs include but are not limited to, retiree health care, pension, transportation, utilities, and building upkeep”.… 46. "Each community shall consider their local revenues and expenses to determine if their local contribution to education has been adequate when compared to other communities.… Communities should be looking at their per pupil expenditure cost and comparing it to other communities to determine if their school system is adequately funded. Districts are also encouraged to reduce costs through consolidation of services, contract negotiations, and participation in all statewide efficiency initiatives”… “48. How will the formula be implemented? The funding allocations will be phased in over ten years based on the transition model. Districts that are underfunded will be fully funded within seven years while reductions for overfunded districts will be phased in over ten years. The model redistributes the FY 2011 enacted education funding levels over time to create greater revenue equity between districts. The annual transition amount is subject to change if enrollments increase or decrease”…. http://www.ride.ri.gov/Finance/Funding/FundingFormula/Docs/FAQ%20-%20Updated%204.20.11.pdf


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