Annual BEF Telethon Runs April 2-3

Callers for the Barrington Education Foundation might be contacting you tonight and Wednesday night and asking for your support for grants for the schools.

The annual two-night telethon for the Barrington Education Foundation starts tonight. Answer your telephone.

The BEF telethon runs today and tomorrow, April 2-3, said Kimberly Hutchings, telethon chairwoman. The foundation appreciates your support.

Proceeds from the telethon usually make up more than 50 percent of the total funds raised by BEF each year, Hutchings said. The cash is distributed to the Barrington Public Schools in the form of grants for a host of programs and materials.

The fund drive actually started a few weeks ago with a mailing sent home to families with students and a mailing to other past supporters.  Paper and electronic fliers then followed those mailings.

BEF’s team of volunteer telephone operators now will be calling hundreds of families to ask them to donate. Those who have already contributed via the BEF website or mail will not be called. 

“Any amount is appreciated — every donation helps BEF continue to champion extraordinary educational opportunities for all students in the district,” said Hutchings. 

Donations are tax-deductible. Many gifts are eligible for matches through employers, she said.

BEF recently distributed more than $66,000 worth of grants for the current school year. That pushed the amount of grants given out over the past 20 years to more than $910,000.


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