Adopting A Family A Grounding Experience

Our office raised $2,200 in just two days to adopt two local families for the holidays. What did we buy with the money? Not Xboxes or Iphones. These kids wanted winter coats and underwear.

Everyone knows that Christmas is the time for giving. Maybe so much so that many of us get so wrapped up in buying the most lavish gift or spending more than we planned.

Whether you stood in line for hours on Black Friday for a cheap Xbox for your kids or a new flat screen for your hubby, the mindset among Christmas shoppers is always the same: get a great gift to make someone you love happy.

But what about a perfect stranger? I really felt the power of the Christmas spirit when my office, Primary Residential Mortgage, raised $2,200 in just two days to “adopt” a needy family of six and another family of two through the Comprehensive Community Action Program in Cranston.

But the one thing that was more astonishing than the generosity of my co-workers was the actual wants and needs of the children and mothers of these families. Before sending over the Christmas wish lists, one of the program employees explained to me that the children already understood that they had simply made “wish” lists, and that they would not likely receive everything on their list.

As I quickly skimmed the lists, I was surprised to never come across the words “Ipod” or “Wii” like I would with my nieces and nephews. I gazed through them again, intently looking for “Xbox” or “Iphone.” But none of
those words were present on those short lists.

What I did see was that each child had checked boxes including coats and underwear, bedding and pajamas. The biggest “big ticket item” out of all of the children was a train set - a wish list item bordering extinction from today’s high-tech gadgets. For these families, love and happiness was counted in hats and gloves rather than Xbox games or flat screen TVs.

Sometimes Christmas is not just about the ones we love, but also the ones who need love. Our company is honored to be participating in the Adopt A Family program at the Comprehensive Community Action Program, and each of our employees became a little more grounded while reading through the family wish lists.

If you would like to join us or stay in the loop for any of our upcoming fundraisers and charitable partnerships, please feel free to check out our events page or contact me at Sbagwell@primeres.com.

If you are interested in adopting a family of your own for Christmas, the list
below is just a few of the local organizations who host a holiday adoption

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xmascrl December 02, 2012 at 02:30 PM
I worked at an office that ded this in lieu of a gift for our Supervisor every year. It may be "selfish" to say, but it was a win-win situation all around. The family that we sponsored was able to open gifts on Christmas and we got to feel good giving them that opportunity. It's a shame that this generosity is sometimes forgotten by some when the Christmas tree comes down. I think that's why it's so important to give whenever you can. This doesn't have to be monetary or materialistic, a smile or a "hello" to a passerby could make someone's day. Those to receive are likely to pass it on to someone else! Merry Christmas, everyone!
scott d. awg December 04, 2012 at 01:51 AM
The South Kingstown Elks club has adopted numerous families every holiday season for years.Thanksgiving dinners were served to 310 people who wished to have one free of charge this year.This is something that as Elks they choose to do without fanfare year round.Anyone that would like to donate a toy may do so at the Elks lodge on Belmont ave. Wakefield after 12:00 daily .Happy Holidays to all
scott d. awg December 06, 2012 at 12:33 PM
Sara this is a great thing that you and your company did,if you continue,you will be surprised how fast it gets more people involved,year after year.
Honest Person December 19, 2012 at 01:54 AM
Personally I love how they say NO big ticket items, when you sign up to sponsor a family, read what the rules are for the families they are NOT allowed to ask for things like or name brand items, if they do put on it on the list it is either blacked out or I have "heard" they will deny the person so this one giant load of crap the kids not wanting expensive items, Please 1/2 these people are on craigslist asking for these items for FREE, posting from their iPhone.
Honest Person December 19, 2012 at 01:59 AM
Yes if it was half way true, those Lists are HIGHLY edited, I know I was sponsor for years but moved to another agency, sick of people patting self on back for a good deed ONE TIME, like others said HOW many do this year in year out on a daily baisis the VOLUNTEERS who help out year round?,


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