SOLD: 2 Homes Change Hands in Barrington

Two warranty deeds were recorded in Barrington Town Hall last week for homes that changed hands.

101 Walnut Road. Credit: MLS
101 Walnut Road. Credit: MLS

Two warranty deeds were recorded in the Barrington Town Hall last week, Jan. 5-11, for homes that changed hands.

The homes are located in the West Barrington and Haines Memorial Park neighborhoods. They ranged in price from a high of $398,000 to a low of $164,000.

If you are thinking of selling your home, the price can give you some idea of the value of your property if you live in or near that neighborhood.

  • 101 Walnut Road from Kathleen O'Brien to Stephen Ptaszek and Laurel A. Ptaszek for $398,000.
  • 129 Metropolitan Park Drive from Federal National Mortgage Association to Michael West Builders for $164,000.

This information was compiled by Kerri Payne, a registered real estate agent and staging specialist with Residential Properties Ltd. Click here for her website: www.kerripaynere.com. 


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