Video Presentation Breaks Down RI Pension Settlement Deal

A video explaining the details of the pension settlement between public employee unions and retirees challenging the Rhode Island state-run pension system was released Friday.

Here's the full 27-minute video.

Bear Hunter 401 February 19, 2014 at 09:43 AM
Well jrmb I hate to say it but you are an example of the media not informing the public. What Hound Dog has said is absolutely true. I know because I worked at the VH & still know people who do. Do or did you work there? Do or did you know anyone who does or did? I also have in my possession the 2 preliminary & the final report on the investigation at the VH. Maybe you should contact your State Rep & get a copy & read for yourself about the abuse of authority, harassment of not only employees but toward the residents & their families & the misuse of funds, etc, etc, etc.... I also know a retired state employee who is at this time trying to maneuver through the maze of red tape & BS in the state run Medicare program. And the state is getting a kickback from what it charges for Medicare. That was just mentioned on a local Fox 64 Sunday TV show called "The Money Pros". All of this happened while a Republican was in the Governors chair. Maybe you should also ask why the state run Healthcare Exchange has only 2 providers. I would like to know that too. Ma. has 8 or 9. Where is the competition in this state. And Carcieri did hand over the state employees to United Health Care. I was working for the state at the time. Were you? If not then you don't know about that. Did you know that former Gov. Almond (a Republican) found a fund which used to be called the 7710 Fund a fund that was supported by & to be spent on the veterans at the VH. That fund had $10 to $11 million in it when he found it. Well he grabbed it, put a cap on it at $3 million so now the state grabs every penny over that amount. The VH/Vets Affairs no longer has control over that fund and as a matter of fact it's not even called the 7710 Fund anymore & is controlled by the state. If you recall & maybe you don't Veterans Affairs was to be split off from DHS. Carcieri along with former Secretary of DHHS blocked that. Why? Was it because DHS & DHHS would no longer be able to skim $ out of the Veteran Affairs budget for capitol projects which what was happening? All this while a Republican was sitting in the Governor's Office. So when Hound Dog says that when given the opportunity Republicans are no different than Democrats ( in this state anyway) he is not wrong. And if you are not there to see all these things unfold then you don't know.....It's not your fault that someone on the outside looking in like yourself is misinformed. The political system & their friends in the media want you that way.
Larry Gotch February 19, 2014 at 12:03 PM
This string keeps raising more questions for me. Can those responsible for these egregious acts of misconduct be held responsible???
Bear Hunter 401 February 19, 2014 at 06:16 PM
Well Larry I think the question should be why were those responsible not held accountable/responsible. Heck there were even public hearings on those issues & others. Residents, their family members & employees all testified to encounters they had with the administrators. But some on the panel & administrators/management at DHS/DHHS & even some from the Governor's office said they didn't believe any of it or found it hard to believe & that was the end of it. Family members were tagged as "trouble makers" or "chronic complainers". Residents were tagged as "being a little off" & every employee who complained was "disgruntled". Same old tired rhetoric from the VH administrators & DHS/DHHS. Now several years later the hope is that everyone will forget & it will buried for good. But some of us are still around who remember & who witnessed their nefarious activities first hand. I mean a sexual harassment complaint against an administrator was even buried. The victim was even interviewed by some of the investigators she was deemed very credible but yet nothing came of that. Not even a word of it was mentioned in any of the reports. Though I believe she may have been threatened with something if she pursued it further or feared some other form of harassment towards her that would come as some sort of disciplinary action against her. I would suggest Larry that you do contact whomever are your Reps in your district & not only ask but demand that they send you the 2 preliminary & the final reports on that investigation. You know as well as I do if a regular Joe did anything half as egregious as these people did they would've been not only shown the door but some legal action would've been in the works too. But all this is for another story......This article is about what some are calling a pension settlement & what this settlement has avoided dealing with which are the pensions that were never contributed for by judges, troopers & double dippers that kicked a big hole in the pension fund & started it sinking like the freakin' Titanic.
Larry Gotch February 19, 2014 at 09:29 PM
Buddy made a point on TV recently about how so many people are leaving the state. Now I can understand why. If we continue to become top heavy, things will become unsustainable, then there will be a large unavoidable and painful problem. There is an old saying: Don't kill the goose that lays the golden egg. Will it live???


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