Town Council to Deal With Next Steps for Proposed 'Village Center'

The Barrington Town Council meets at 7 pm in the School Committee Meeting Room in Town Hall.

A streetscaping and signage plan for the proposed Barrington Village Center will be presented to the Town Council at its meeting tonight, Jan. 6, by the Birchwood Design Group.

The Town Council will meet again in the School Committee Meeting Room in Town Hall. The meeting starts at 7 pm.

The streetscaping and signage plan is intended to promote economic development for the businesses that operate in the Maple Avenue, West Street, Wood Avenue, Waseca Avenue and Cottage Lane section of Barrington as well as a conncection to the Barrington Shopping Center. In particular, direction on priorities and funding for the next steps is being requested.

The agenda for tonight’s meeting also includes discussion and possible action on the payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) made to Barrington by St. Andrew’s School, which owns approximately 72 acres of tax-free property with an assessed value of $22.75 million dollars.

The council docket also includes a presentation on Barrington’s annual financial report for the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2013, and a resolution to the state that asks for legislation that permits RI communities to sell abandoned highway or driftway to abutting owners at fair market value.

Here is the complete agenda for tonight’s meeting:



7:00 P.M.



1.       Call to Order

2.       Pledge of Allegiance

3.       Interviews:

•     Conservation Committee (1 reappointment and 1 vacancy):  Lisa Merck – reappointment and Ted Myatt

•      Harbor Commission (1 reappointment):  James Forster – reappointment

•      Library Trustees (2 vacancies):  (Dean Robinson -  interviewed on November 4, 2013 and  Laura Laurence - interviewed on December 9, 2013)

4.       Announcements:

•      Introduction of Finance Director, Kathy Raposa

•      2014 US Navy Ship Reunion

5.       Correspondence:

•      Discuss and Act on Pell Bridge Resolution

•      Discuss and Act on Correspondence from Gary Morse

•      Discuss and Act on Correspondence from Joaquim and Maria DeAmorim

6.       Discuss and Act on Payment in Lieu of Taxes for St. Andrews School

7.       *Adopt Town Council Minutes

of December 2 and 9, 2013 and Adopt and Unseal Executive Session Minutes of December 2, 2013.

8.       *Utility Petitions

9.       *Monthly Department Reports: 

Fire Chief, Police Chief/Animal Control Official, Building Official, Public Works Director, Town Planner, Town Solicitor, Finance Director, Tax Assessor, Senior Services Director, Library Director, Barrington Adult Youth Team Coordinator, Recreation and Leisure Director and Town Clerk

10.     *Abatement List

11.     *Surplus Property 

12.     *Business, Holiday and Private Detective Licenses

13.     *Appointment of Tree Warden Francis E. Charette, Jr. 

14.     Annual Audit Presentation

15.     Power Point Presentation on Streetscape Plan

16.     Discuss and Act on Request to Purchase a Portion of Town Land

AP 22, Lot 441 (approximately 360 sq. ft.), owner Keith Strickland

17.     Public Hearing:

•      #2013-11 Amend Chapter 20 Juvenile Hearing Board

18.     Public Comment (two minute statement) –

To the public:  This agenda item is for members of the public to speak regarding a topic that is not already on the agenda.  Please indicate that you would like to speak by raising your hand.  When you are recognized, please approach the microphone in front of the Council.

19.     Bristol County Water Authority Report and Correspondence 

20.     Discuss and Act on Resolution Endorsing Legislation to Permit the Town to Sell Streets that areAbandoned

21.     Discuss and Act on Appointing Council Member to the Barrington Public Schools Building Committee

(continued from December 9, 2013)

22.     Discuss and Act on Joint Meeting with School Committee

23.     Discuss and Act on Declaratory Judgment Action Interpreting RIGL 44-5-13.11 and 44-5-12 (a)

24.     Resignations:

•      Eileen Meehan, Library Trustees

•      Stephen Palmer, Library Trustees

•      Robert Allio, Bristol County Water Authority, (effective February 28, 2014)

25.     Appointment/Reappointments:

•      Conservation Committee:  (1 reappointment and 1 vacancy) 

•      Harbor Commission:   (1 reappointment) 

•      Library Trustees:  (2 vacancies)

26.     Set Agenda for February 3, 2014 Council Meeting

27.     Executive Session

in Accordance with RIGL 42-46-5 (a) (2) Litigation Declaratory Judgment Interpretation of RIGL 44-5-13.11 and 44-5-12 (a)

28.     Adjourn


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