'Take Six' Explores Election Issues

The Barrington library and the League of Women Voters are sponsoring 'Take Six: The Big Issues of 2012' starting Thursday with a talk by the RI health insurance commissioner.

Hear about six significant issues of the 2012 Presidential campaign each Thursday starting tomorrow evening, Sept. 6, at the Barrington library auditorium.

“Take Six: The Big Issues of 2012,” is sponsored by the library and the League of Women Voters.  The nonpartisan series will explore the histories of and current debate about these six issues, according to Amy Greer, community services librarian.

“During those evenings, expert speakers will come and talk about six major issues of the 2012 Presidential campaign,” said Greer.

Each of the sessions starts at 7 pm. The series runs through Oct. 11.

Rhode Island Health Insurance Commissioner Christopher F. Koller leads off the series this week. He will talk about healthcare policy and answer the following questions:

  • How has health care policy shifted over time?
  • What are the major components of Obama Care being debated?
  • What historical and judicial precedent exists around health care policy?

Koller is the former CEO of Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island (NHPRI), a 73,000 member HMO founded in 1994 by the state’s Community Health Centers that primarily serves enrollees in RIte Care. He became the nation’s first health insurance commissioner – a position created legislatively in 2004 – in 2005.

The rest of the "Take Six" series, in order:

Registration is not required. The series is free and open to everyone.


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