Add Full-Time Recreation Director?

Recommendation and job description from Barrington Parks and Recreation Commission expected to go before the Town Council in the early fall.

Barrington’s part-time recreation director, John Taylor, steps down from the position in a couple of weeks, and the town is advertising for someone to take his place.

Taylor’s replacement could be Barrington’s last part-time director.

“We will be recommending a full-time director,” said Michael Seward, chairman of the Parks and Recreation Commission and the subcommittee that has been looking at the position as a full-time post.

“It won’t happen right away,” said Seward because there is no funding in the budget for a full-time director this year.

And the recommendation probably won’t go to the Town Council at its summer meeting on July 30.  It will probably happen in September.

“We’re waiting for the human resources director to draft a job description,” Seward said. “We’re going to do it right if we’re going to do it.”

Seward said he believes the last time Barrington had a full-time recreation director was at least 30 to 40 years ago. Another subcommittee studied making the post full time about five years ago before putting the proposal on the shelf when the economy nosedived.

Seward said the subcommittee has been looking at all aspects, goals and objectives of the position. Taylor, though, may be the biggest proponent of hiring a full-time director.

“The program is growing,” said Taylor. “And the town needs someone to oversee facilities and the beach. Twenty hours a week is just not sufficient.”

 The recreation office in the lower level of the library also is open only half a day.

Taylor believes Barrington has enough demand for recreational programs that a full-time director would have more than enough to keep busy.

Town Manager Peter DeAngeli said previously that the town would probably have to come up with $70,000 to $80,000 a year for a salary and benefits for a full-time recreation director – more than twice what is spent now for a part-time director.

DeAngelis, who met with the recreation commission about the position, told the members to look at what they want to accomplish and to determine if that can be done with existing resources.

“Can it pay for itself?” he said. “Would it be fee-based?”

If the recreation commission can come up with a proposal that make a lot of sense, the town manager said: “We’ll see if it could happen.”

RI GF Mom July 17, 2012 at 01:52 AM
We definitely need a full time recreation director and a first class recreation program here. It's crazy that we don't have public facilities outside of the schools as well as more programing. John was great with the limited resources he was given, but it's programs like this that we pay taxes for.


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