'Rainy Day Fund', Union Contracts, 'Streaming' Back Before Budget Board

The East Providence Budget Commission meet today at 3 pm in City Hall.

An amended "rainy day fund" ordinance, five union contracts, and the City Council's request to renew live streaming of meetings top the agenda of today's East Providence Budget Commission meeting.

The meeting starts at 3 pm in City Hall, Room 306.

The "rainy day fund" sets aside 1 percent of the city's annual operating budget as a reserve. The ordinance setting up the fund was approved by the Budget Commission last spring.

The five union contracts include those for the EPPMTEA, Steelworkers, Teachers, Educational Secretaries, and Teachers Assistants. Each was given an initial approval by the budget commission.

The request for live streaming was put off at the Feb. 14 meeting pending a further explanation of where the money to pay for it was found in the City Clerk's office. Finance Director Malcolm Moore was asked to return to the budget board with the information.

Here is the complete agenda for today's meeting:

City of East Providence Budget Commission

City Hall 145 Taunton Avenue

Working Session Agenda

3:00 PM Thursday, February 28, 2013

City Hall Room 306

1.    Review of Cash Flow – Malcolm Moore.

2.    Review and approval of Second Readings for Tentative Collective Bargaining Agreements with EPPMTEA, Steelworkers, Teachers, Educational Secretaries, and Teachers Assistants – Joe Whalen.

3.    Requests to fill vacant School positions and approval of personnel actions – John DeGoes.

a. Request to approve emergency hire for Teacher Assistant position at Whiteknact Elementary.

b.    Request to post, fill Men’s Tennis Head Coach position and Men’s Outdoor Track Assistant Coach position.

c. Review and request to approve Superintendent’s recommendation for contract non-renewals (layoffs) for 2013-2014 school year – John DeGoes.

4.    Requests to fill vacant City positions and approval of personnel actions – Peter Graczykowski.

a. Request to approve hire for Information Systems Technician position in Information Technology Department – Kelly Aherns.

b.    Request to approve emergency temporary hire for position in City Clerk’s Office – Kim Casci.

c.    Request to post and fill part-time 2013 seasonal staff at Looff Carousel – Kathleen Waterbury.

5.    Request to post and fill Municipal Administration and Finance Officer – Christy Healey.

6.    Request for approval of procurement and/or payments in excess of $25,000 and review of procurement and/or payments under $25,000 – Malcolm Moore.

a.    Request to establish set-aside for technology upgrades in the City Clerk’s budget and fund streaming and archiving service – Kim Casci.

b.    Request to advertise bid for ATM service at City Hall, Police Station, and Senior Center – Jeanne Boyle.

c. Request to extend contract with Police & Fire Retirement Board Investment Advisor Wainwright Investments Counsel – Malcolm Moore.

d. Request to advertise bid for fourteen (14) Safariland (Protech) brand Titan Assault Enhanced ballistic vests – Chief Joseph Tavares.

7.    Update of Superintendent and City Manager action items/work plans – John DeGoes and Peter Graczykowski.

a.  State Income Tax Refund Offset Program Update

8.    Approval of Amended Rainy Day Fund Ordinance previously adopted by the East Providence Budget Commission May 31, 2012.

9.    Additional Commission Items.

10.  Review of City Council Minutes from February 5, 2013 and Special Meeting
February 11, 2013.

11.  Approval of Budget Commission Minutes from February 14, 2013. 12.    Schedule and agenda for next meeting for Thursday, March 14, 2013 at 3:00 PM.

13.  Adjourn.

Rags 1 February 28, 2013 at 02:39 PM
The International City Managers Association (ICMA) highly recommends that a city have at least 18 to 20% in a "rainy day" fund for emergencies. Due to budget constraints, we are only able to put in 10%. The Budget Commission should allow this as good financial management to prevent unnecessary borrowing in case of emergency conditions and repairs.
Candy Seel February 28, 2013 at 04:01 PM
That should be setting aside 1% of the city's annual operating budget, right? Not 10% annually. According to the charter amendment resolution that was voted on in November: "If approved, starting in fiscal year 2013, the city would save one percent (1%) of its revenues, or approximately $1 million annually, and set it aside in a 'rainy day fund.'" The 10% figure comes in: "provided, however, that no such payment will be made which would increase the total of the budget reserve fund to more than ten percent (10%) of only the anticipated revenues as set by subsection (a) of this section." If we could afford to put aside 10% of our budget annually, we wouldn't have any financial troubles at all.
William Rupp February 28, 2013 at 04:21 PM
Thanks for noticing the typo, Candy. Or to put that another way, the city can spend 99% of its budget each year and put 1% in a fund for emergency spending. You are absolutely right that if EP could put away 10% we would be in great shape.


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