Poll: Should Illegal Immigrants Get In-State Tuition in Rhode Island?

Weigh in on this hot-button issue.

Hundreds of Rhode Islanders gathered at the State House this week to protest Gov. Lincoln Chafee's backing of a plan that gives undocumented students in-state tuition at public colleges and universities.

According to The Providence Journal, Chafee states that the plan, which was voted upon by the Board of Governors for Higher Education last week, will “improve the intellectual and cultural life of our state while strengthening our work force and helping our economy” by helping “more Rhode Islanders to go on to college.”

Those who disagree are calling for Chafee to be impeached and blasting him for trying to turn Rhode Island into a "sanctuary" for illegal immigrants, according to an AP report.

In that report, Keith Anderson, a teacher at an East Providence High School, is quoted as saying, "Illegal is illegal. It's time we started helping out the taxpayers of this state."

We want to know what you think about this issue. Vote in our poll below and share more of your thoughts in the comments section.

J. Lane McMahon October 12, 2011 at 06:13 PM
This entire blog has gone the way of so many others here....everyone wants to blame the other side. It's either the "lefty liberals" fault, or the "right wing teabaggers"...Well kids, I hate to point this out to you, but your all wrong. We are all Americans, We are all to blame. The Republicans are just as much to blame as the Democrats. And I have a news flash for the righties....several of your POTUS candidates are in favor of some form of an amnesty........So, just a word of advice, stop the mud slinging and do something. Otherwise, shut up.
Stuart October 12, 2011 at 06:36 PM
Good points! It should be pretty clear by Rick Perry's not wanting a fence, wanting to give education, etc.....in addition to Ronald Reagan signing the amnesty for many millions......and then even GW Bush and McCain putting forth some solutions to the problem. So let's be really clear...the forces that are "for" the status quo are usually business orientated - they want the free money that comes from hiring illegals and from putting pressure on wages to go down and down. As I see it, there is really only ONE side to this debate. That is, we need to legislate a comprehensive reform. BUT, in this case, it IS the crazy right who stands in the way of that. They like to act like "purists", even though they are anything but, and simply cannot understand that you cannot ship 12 million people home...let alone the fact that Americans won't do most of the work anyway. So, they seem to enjoy NOT solving problems - because then they can jump up and down and yap about them! I believe in our republic and in compromise and dealing with problems in a realistic way. I could get behind real reform of various types...it does not have to be perfect. But it will never happen because guys like Joe S and Jim D don't want it to - that is, anything short of rounding up 12 million and depositing them back at the border will not do! If the loudmouths really want the problem solved, offer reasonable solutions and call your reps...not useless shouting about impossible policies.
Antonio Oliveira October 13, 2011 at 02:41 PM
GUYS!.....this is very simple; THEY ARE ILEGAL HERE........they should ALL be "round-up" and droped across the border.................I went trough "HELL" to get here Legal so/......WHY SHOULD I PAY FOR THEY'RE EDUCATION OR ANYTHING ELSE?..Get in here "LEGAL" and I will open my heart to them.......ALL of them except the ones that will push they "religion" on me..........YES...I am an IMIGRANT but a legal one.
Rade October 25, 2011 at 12:23 PM
I hate to say this, but if you're offspring of an illegal immigrant, then why are you getting state-funded education? This makes NO sense! I have to pay because the parents not in this country legally happened to fornicate and have offspring and now that offspring wants to go to college and I, RI Tax Payer has to foot the bill? 1) Just HOW LONG have the non-resident parents been in Rhode Island to not only have children but to see them off to college? 2) Since the parents are illegal, what is THEIR tax burden? If you cannot work legitimately in this state without being a citizen, how much of what ever undeclared income they receive is going to pay for the taxes to send their offspring to college? SOLUTION: Make the legal citizenship process easier for parents. You want your kid to go to a state college with state-funded tuition, put up you hand, take the pledge, get a Social Security number and start paying taxes like everyone else. Then you and/or your offspring can have this thing we live for here in the USA, Student Loan Payments. NOTE TO CHAFFEE - Streamline the state immigration process, not the process for loans to illegals!
Giordano Bruno October 25, 2011 at 01:37 PM
There should be immigration reform. It's as simple as a question on a form when EVERY child is registered for school, that is if we have the courage to ask the question. Not in the country legally, then you have no right to be here and the citizens of this country/state certainly have no obligation to provide an education for the children who are also here illegally. (Then deportation proceedings should begin if necessary}. Why should we spend all the money required to educate a child who should not be in this country. Parents who choose to enter this country illegally must have some clue that they are doing something wrong and their actions could have negative repercussions for them, so even if the children had no choice in the matter of coming here that should not entitle them to a "free"pass to an education and any social programs. So, no to in-state tuition. I have no problem whatsoever with those, regardless of country of origin, who have done the right thing and abided by the immigration policies of this country and become legal citizens here.


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