Planning Board to Hear Cost of 'Village Center' Plan

The Barrington Planning Board meets at 7 pm in the School Committee Meeting Room in Town Hall.

Proposed parking at West Street. Credit: Birchwood Design Group
Proposed parking at West Street. Credit: Birchwood Design Group

The proposed Barrington Village Center Connectivity Plan gets another review by the Planning Board tonight, Dec. 3.

The meeting starts at 7 pm in the School Committee Room of Town Hall.

Representatives from the Birchwood Design Group, a Providence landscape architectural firm, and Surface Matter Design, a Providence graphic design studio, are expected to make some cost estimates for the proposal. It would add new streetscapes, signs, more convenient off-street parking, crosswalks, sidewalks and a “wayfinding” plan that connects merchants and businesses in that part of Barrington. 

The “village center” includes that stretch of Barrington that lies between Maple Avenue, West Street, Waseca Avenue and Wood Avenue with a connection to the Barrington Shopping Plaza and the East Bay Bike Path.

Here is the complete agenda for tonight’s meeting:


Regular Business Meeting

Tuesday, December 3, 2013 at 7:00 p.m.

School Committee Room, Barrington Town Hall


1.            Call to Order

2.            Roll Call and Determination of Quorum

3.            Consent Agenda

3.1          Approve Minutes: November 5, 2013 Regular Business Meeting (CA)

4.            Public Hearings

4.1            NOTE: APPLICANT IS REQUESTING THIS ITEM TO BE CONTINUED TO THE JANUARY 7, 2014 MEETING. Public Hearing on Bluemead Farm Plat - Phase II / Preliminary Plan Comprehensive Permit Submission (Assessor’s Plat 10, Lot 3) –Applicant seeks approval of preliminary plan submission for Phase II, consisting of 10 new lots with frontage on Chachapacasset Road, Rumstick Road, Beach Road and a new street intersecting Chachapacasset at Lewis Street. Site is zoned Residence-25 and Residence-40. Portions of the site are within the Wetland Overlay District. Three of the units, proposed as one two-family structure and one single-family dwelling,  to qualify as Low-Moderate Income Housing. Relief sought from provisions of the Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations under the comprehensive permit process.

5.            Old Business 

No old business

6.            New Business

6.1          Proposed administrative subdivision – “Fain Plat.” Lots 267 and 353 on Assessor’s Plat 26. Proposal would take a portion of Lot 267, an existing house lot (71 Adams Point Road), and add it to Lot 353, conservation land owned by the Barrington Land Conservation Trust.

7.            Reports & Special Items

7.1            Review Barrington Village Center Connectivity Plan and cost estimates (Birchwood Design Group and SurfaceMatter Design) 

7.2            Discussion and Recommendation: Town’s participation in Community Ratings System Flood Insurance Program, completion of Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan Update

7.3            Discussion: Revisions to Comprehensive Plan, emerging ideas

8.            Reports from Planning Board Members: Comprehensive Plan Subcommittee members; Housing Board of Trustees liaison; Committee for Renewable Energy in Barrington liaison; Police Cove Park Committee members; Technical Review Committee members; Harbor Commission liaison; Capital Improvement Program Subcommittee members; Wayfinding & Streetscape Committee members

9.            Comments - Board Members, Council Liaison & Town Planner

10.            Adjournment


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