Non-Union Workers' Pay Gets Nod

The Barrington Town Council approves the ordinance that sets salaries for all non-union workers.

A month into the new fiscal year, the Town Council unanimously approved on Monday night the ordinance that sets new salaries for Barrington’s non-union positions, including all department heads.

The councilors approved the ordinance after receiving a more complete look at the cost of the compensation, including health and dental benefits. The latter is not part of the new ordinance.

The councilors approved the ordinance also after discussing the possibility of giving the town manager the power to make merit increases based on performance. The ordinance now gives every non-union worker the same increase – approximately 2.75 percent. It does not take into account individual employee performance.

“I am not opposed to merit increases,” said Town Manager Peter DeAngelis Jr. “We’re already looking into this.”

The ordinance sets salaries at a “maximum amount” level for each position, he said.

“Employees can be brought in at a lower level,” DeAngelis said, depending on their experience and qualifications.

This gives him some flexibility in hiring workers based on the marketplace, DeAngelis said previously.

The compensation levels also have no bearing on the perceived importance of each position to the town, he said previously. There is no rank.

The Town Council also discussed the possibility of adding part-time workers to the ordinance.

For the complete list of non-union positions and their compensation, see the PDF above.


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