'Motion' Aims to Save Wood Shop

Kari and William Banas have filed a motion for the Financial Town Meeting that adds $108,000 to the Barrington school budget to save wood shop at the middle school.

A Patch poll that asked readers if they would be willing to pay more taxes to keep wood shop at the Barrington Middle School bodes well for a motion that was filed this week to be presented at the Financial Town Meeting next Wednesday evening, May 23.

Kari and William Banas, of 75 Fales Ave., filed a motion on Monday, May 14, that will ask voters to increase the school budget by $108,000 to ensure that the wood shop program at the middle school is not eliminated.

The School Committee cut wood shop by moving that teacher into a position held by a less-senior robotics teacher, who is to be laid off. The position was cut as part of some last-minute budget trimming.

Kari and William Banas are the parents of Calvin Banas, who submitted a petition to the School Committee at an April meeting to save wood shop. It had more than 450 signatures.

The Patch poll supports Calvin’s petition and his parents' motion. Here are the results of the question: Would you be willing to pay more in taxes to keep wood shop at the Barrington Middle School?

  • 58 percent or 72 of the 123 voters said: Yes, I loved wood shop.
  • 26 percent or 32 of the 123 voters said: No, kids would rather play video games.
  • 15 percent or 19 of the 123 voters said: Maybe, if the price is right.

The proposed $61.5 million municipal, school and capital budget for next fiscal year requires no increase in taxes. If wood shop is saved, the tax rate would go up by about 5 cents per $1,000 in assessed property value.

Townie May 17, 2012 at 02:54 PM
Spend, spend. It's the Barrington way. I believe that there will never be a year without an increase in spending for the schools. Keep shop? Fine, get the savings by laying off another teacher.


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