Liquor-License Holders Meet Mandate

All liquor-license holders in Barrington are now in full compliance with the town's server-training ordinance; additional BAY Team training sessions were set up.

Every holder of a liquor license in Barrington is now in compliance with the server training ordinance.

"Everyone is okay. They're all done," said Kathy Sullivan, program manager for The BAY Team, Barrington’s substance abuse prevention coalition, which offers both live and video training for servers.

All license holders had all their servers trained by the Dec. 1 deadline applied by the Barrington Town Council at its November meeting, Sullivan said. That deadline was applied to make sure everyone was trained or face the possibility of having the liquor license revoked.

Eight businesses or clubs were not in compliance at that time.

"All new hires can take video training at the police station," said Kristin Wetmoreland of The BAY Team. "We will arrange the training."

Approximately 100 servers have been trained over the past year, said Sullivan. Barrington requires training every year unlike the state, which requires it only every three years.

The training takes about 2 hours live and 90 minues by video, said Sullivan.

The establishments that were not in full compliance on Nov. 5 were Billy’s restaurant, Brickyard Wine & Spirits, the Democratic Club, PieZoni’s, Rhode Island Country Club, Sushi Express, Tyler Point Grille and Tong-D restaurant.

The BAY Team actually scheduled additional live training sessions for servers in November for the license holders that were still not in full compliance.


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