Beach Holes Part of Sewer Sliplining

Barrington is completing a $1.2 million sewer improvement project; holes dug near the beach last week exposed covers to sewer pipes.

Just what were those 6x6-foot wide and 2-foot deep holes that showed up in the sand on Barrington Beach last week?

The holes were dug by the Barrington Department of Public Works as part of a $1.2 million sewer-sliplining project, according to DPW Director Alan Corvi.

"We've done ten, we have five more to do," Corvi said.

Sliplining repairs leaks and restores the "intergrity of the pipe" to prevent "inflitration of water" into a sewer line, Corvi said.

In short, the asebestos pipe will have a balloon-like membrane inserted inside it to seal it off from water infilatration, he said. It's considered trenchless rehabilitation of existing pipelines.

The holes were dug to expose the covers to the sewer pipes, Corvi said. Yellow tape alerted beach-goers to the holes.


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