Barrington's Recycling Share $47,500

The RI Resource Recovery Corporation distributes $1.9 million in profits from the sale of recyclables; Barrington delivered 2,218 tons of recyclables to the landfill last fiscal year.

Barrington received on Thursday, Sept .6, approximately $47,500 in recycling profits from the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation (RIRRC).

The allotment was part of $1.9 million in profits given out by RIRRC for the sale of recyclables in fiscal year 2012, according to the agency. Barrington delivered more than 2,218 tons of recyclables to the landfill.

Municipal officials from across the state, including Joseph Piccerelli, a superintendent in the Department of Public Works who manages the recycling program, gathered at the landfill on Thursday morning with Gov. Chafee to get their checks.

The checks were presented by Michael O'Connell, RIRRC executive director, who said the annual profit-sharing event shows the recycling yields a true economic benefit to every municipality. The money must be reinvested in Barrington’s recycling program.

RIRRC doesnʼt charge a fee to dispose of recyclables, but dumping trash in the landfill comes at a cost of about $80 a ton. Every item a Barrington resident places in their recycling bin or cart contributes to the end of the year profit share from RIRRC.

In June, recycling became even easier with the launch of Recycle Together RI, the new statewide program. It allows you to dump all of your recyclables in one container instead of having to use separate bins for paper, plastic, metal and glass.

Manifold Witness September 08, 2012 at 08:19 PM
"Bag Ban" ordinance to be introduced at September 10, 2012 Barrington Town Council meeting. It's on the agenda as: "Item 24. Introduction: #2012-7 Reusable Checkout Bag Initiative" See the proposed ordinance to be introduced by June Speakman regarding the banning of the plastic grocery bags. The Town Council has a full agenda for their September 10, 2012 meeting, with a lot of business to get done BEORE the upcoming elections. To see the agenda & supporting documents, including the language of the proposed ordinance – 1. Go to the “Barrington, RI” website. 2. Click on “View the Town Council agenda” (in the column to the right on the homepage). 3. Go over to the left in the window that appears from the Clerk Base system. 4. Under “Browse”, click on “Council Agendas”. 5. Click on September 10, 2012. 6. When the agenda pops up, you can click on the items to see the reports and proposed language for proposed ordinances, etc. 7. To see the Town Manager's report, go back to the bottom of the list referenced in item 3, above, and instead of clicking on the "Council Agendas", click on "Town Manager's Reports". Also, see the YMCA easement agreement granting rights in land. Hard to tell who got the $10. There's a lot of important issues on this agenda. Please consider attending the meeting if you have an interest in any of these important issues. Thanks to all those who take the time to post Patch comments!
Local Mom September 09, 2012 at 11:45 PM
MW - haven't ever been to a TC meeting (people like me need primers in municipal govt). Are resident comments still allowed for some/all agenda items, or are we in spectator mode only? If we can't make meeting, can we email some thoughts to Town Council members -if yes, where to find email addressses? Have also heard that CVS hasn't responded to the proposed ban issue. Yes, could we kindly put more resources towards awareness around plas bags before we enact ordinance? What about encouraging people to re-use their plas bags as well as supplement with cloth where necessary? Also, what about Projo/newspaper plastic delivery bags, the plastic bags that ice gets sold in, will be able to use plas bags to bag our freshly showered Shaws produce? Shaws can ill afford to do anything to alienate a customer - BJ's/Sam's already take a chunk of market share, and read last week that Shaw's parent corp already selectively selling some of their less profitable locations around the area.
MarkB September 10, 2012 at 07:45 AM
If the plastic drop-off idea fails to materialize within the Borough, Borough residents do have at least two other options for recycling plastic: Chambersburg Waste Paper and a location near Letterkenny Army Depot (Development Ave.). I have been recycling (everything the Borough picks up curbside + cardboard, newspapers, magazines, junk mail) for at least seven years now (family of four), and I rarely ever set out more than one (1) 32-gallon can per week. My neighbors around me typically set out two-three cans weekly. Do you suppose recycling has something to do with that? http://paydayloansat.com/
Gary Morse September 10, 2012 at 07:49 AM
Donut, TC meetings are generally the first Monday of the month, 7pm, agenda filed late Friday at: http://clerkshq.com/default.ashx?clientsite=barrington-ri Comment period for items not on the agenda is around the 5 minute point. You have two minutes, and don't expect too much dialog simply because the item is not on the agenda. For items on the agenda, wait until the council has finished with their discussion, but before any vote if a vote is going to be taken. In either the comment period, or for an agenda item, just raise your hand to be recognized, state your name and address when you get to the microphone, and try to get to the point quickly only because the meeting can last all night if too much is on the agenda. Barrington runs the most user friendly meetings I've seen and the council understands that some are coming to address the council for the first time in their lives. It's worth coming to a meeting just to watch your volunteer government in action. Emailing the council is easy and addresses are found at: http://www.ci.barrington.ri.us/towncouncil.php
kelvin September 10, 2012 at 12:51 PM
Nice job Barrington on the recycling effort - it's paying off - literally. Let's keep working to reduce our waste stream entering our landfill only to be buried. Another step we can all do if not doing already is to "recycle" food scraps by composting. If you need more info, swing by the ECORI booth at the White Church Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings to talk compost - and feel free to bring your food scraps to be composted. We have a food scrap drop off and will continue collecting food scraps here to help extend the life of our landfill.


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