10 Volunteers Needed to Serve Town

The list of vacancies on boards and commissions in Barrington has grown to 10, including the water authority, zoning, housing and planning boards.

Make that 10 volunteers needed to serve on a variety of Barrington boards and commissions.

Added to the list of volunteers this week are:

  • A vacancy on the Zoning Board of Review for an unexpired term ending December 2013,
  • An alternate spot on the Housing Board of Trustees for a term ending October 2014.

The previous list included:

  • A vacancy on the Bristol County Water Authority board for a three-year term ending February 2016.  BCWA provides a stipend of $28 per meeting capped at $800. The board post typically requires attendance at several meetings each month.
  • A vacancy on the Building Board of Review for a five-year term ending December 2017.  The applicant must be a professional builder. 
  • A volunteer to fill a vacancy on the Planning Board with an unexpired term ending May 2013. The position was most recently filled by Town Councilor Ann Strong, who had to resign to serve on the council.
  • A vacancy on the Barrington Public Library Trustees for a three-year term ending December 2015.
  • A volunteer for The Senior Services Advisory Board for a three-year term ending February 2016.
  • An alternate member of Parks and Recreation Commission to fill  a three-year term ending December 2016.
  • A vacancy on the Committee for Renewable Energy Barrington (CREB); the volunteer would fill an unexpired term ending November 2014.

The Assessing Board of Review alsp has one reappointment with a three-year unexpired term that ends March 2015.

Résumé forms can be obtained through the Barrington website at www.barrington.ri.gov, at the Town Clerk's Office @ Town Hall, or at the library. 

The deadline to submit a résumé to the Town Clerk’s Office is Friday, Feb. 22.


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