Woman Really Loves Tootsie Rolls

Bag of chocolate candy reported stolen from Knights of Columbus solicitor in front of Shaw's Supermarket.

Barrington police received a report on Saturday morning, April 21, of a bag of Tootsie Rolls stolen from a Knights of Columbus representative soliciting donations outside the Shaw’s Supermarket on County Road.

The man told police that he left the bag of chocolate candy on a window sill while he entered the store for a few minutes. When he came back outside, he noticed the bag was gone.

A Shaw’s video surveillance camera got photos of a woman taking the bag of candy, police said. Unfortunately, the photos show only the back of the woman, not her face.

The Tootsie Rolls have a value of about $2.50, police said.

Sugar poured into car’s tank

A 2007 Volvo parked at a North Lake Drive home was vandalized sometime early last week.

Barrington police received on Sunday morning, April 22, a report of the vehicle’s gas cap being removed and sugar poured into the tank. The vehicle belongs to a 17-year-old Barrington High School student.

The vandalism was found after the teen's family returned home from a school-break vacation, police said. Another vehicle parked next to the Volvo was not touched.

It is believed that the car was vandalized on Tuesday or Wednesday of last week, police said.

House numbers ripped off

Barrington police received a report on Thursday afternoon, April 19, of a theft of antique brass house numbers taken from a post at 69 Massasoit Ave.

The numbers are valued at about $50, police said. The theft was reported to police at 5:54 pm.

More girls approached by men in car

Barrington police received a second report last week of young men in a car trying to entice two teenage girls into their vehicle.

The girls, both age 15, were approached at 2:19 pm on the East Bay Bike Path between the Shaw’s Supermarket and the rear of the Rite Aid Drug Store on County Road.

The three men were described as in their 20s with dark hair and darker skin complexions, police said. They were driving a green sedan.

The men reportedly were using a recorder to videotape the girls, who were dancing around the vehicle, police said. A 17-year-old boy apparently reported the incident to police after the girls were asked to get into the car.

Police officers searched the area looking for the men or the vehicle and could not locate them. They gave the two girls a ride to a Maple Avenue home.

Police recover stolen van

Barrington police recovered early Thursday morning, April 19, a vehicle reported stolen in East Providence.

The Plymouth Voyager van was spotted parked on Tiffany Circle not far from Barrington High School. Patrol officers kept the vehicle under surveillance for several hours anticipating that someone might return to claim the vehicle.

The van had a busted passenger-side window and a broken steering column, police said. It was towed back to East Providence, where it was taken from in front of a Mauran Avenue home, police said.

Cash taken from wallet

A Pawtucket man, 27, reported to Barrington police on Wednesday afternoon, April 18, a theft of $48 from his wallet.

The man was using the swimming pool at the Bayside YMCA and left his clothes in the locker room, police said. He found that his wallet had been moved from a rear pocket to a front pocket of his pants, police said.

It is not known if the locker was locked, police said. The theft was reported at 4:40 pm.

Jewelry reported stolen

Barrington police received a report early in the morning on Tuesday, April 17, of jewelry stolen from a bedroom dresser in a Ferry Lane home.

A woman, 46, said she discovered several pieces of “expensive jewelry’ taken from the top drawer, possibly over the past year, police said. The value of the jewelry was not reported.

The woman said that multiple contractors have been in and out of the home in the past 12 months. An investigation into the reported theft is continuing, police said.


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