Woman, 39, Driving Without a License, Leads Cops on Chase to Route 195

Barrington and East Providence police, with lights flashing and sirens blaring, finally get a Barrington woman to pull over on Route 195 west after she leads them on a pursuit toward Providence.

A Barrington woman, 39, driving without a license, was finally pulled over in East Providence after she led police officers in Barrington and East Providence on a pursuit for miles early last Tuesday morning. 

The chase was not considered a high-speed pursuit, though, said Barrington Police Chief John LaCross, even with patrol cars flashing lights and blasting their sirens at her.

Yfat Kadan, of 7 Zephyr Lane, was traveling east on Primrose Hill Road in Barrington about 5:40 am when a Barrington patrol officer noticed her vehicle drive through a 4-way stop sign. He gave pursuit. 

Kadan’s vehicle accelerated to 63 mph in a 45-mph zone on the Wampanoag Trail heading for Riverside, said Barrington Police Chief John LaCross. The patrol officer turned on his light bar and siren as he pulled up right behind her.

Kadan did not stop and kept driving north on the Trail, LaCross said. The patrol officer followed her into East Providence and notified police there that she was heading north apparently toward Route 195.

East Providence police joined the pursuit near the billboard just past Gates of Heaven Cemetery that advertises PowerBall. She kept driving north with police cars behind her.

Eventually, the woman was forced to pull over on Route 195 when an East Providence patrol car got in front of her and slowed down enough to stop her, said LaCross.

She seemed to have no idea why she was pulled over, he said, and there seemed to be a definite language barrier.

The woman was taken into custody and returned to the Barrington police station, according to the police report.

"The woman apparently thought the police officer was simply trying to get around her," said LaCross.

She could have pulled over in the breakdown lane, of course, he said. But she kept on driving.

Exactly what Kadan will be charged with was still being determined Monday morning, LaCross said. At the least, she has received citations for driving without a license and speeding.


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