Woman, 19, Arrested for Beating Another Young Woman

Police charge Barrington woman with assault in the parking lot next to the 'White Church'.

A young Barrington woman faces three assault charges after allegedly punching and kicking another young woman in the RIPTA parking lot next to the Barrington Congregational Church last Tuesday evening, Nov. 26.

Micaela S. Kurland, 19, of 2 North Lake Drive, was charged by Barrington police with domestic simple assault and battery, simple assault and battery, and disorderly conduct.

She allegedly punched the victim, 18, while sitting in a car in the parking lot and then kicked her outside of the vehicle.

The two women reportedly met another young woman, 20, at the RIPTA lot to drive to a Mexican restaurant. An argument over who was seeing whom reportedly occurred in the car. 

The victim was taken to Rhode Island Hospital for treatment by Barrington EMTs. Police said Kurland was taken to the police station and arraigned. She was released with a date to appear in District Court to face the charges. 

Leave RI January 10, 2014 at 11:35 AM
Morgaine January 10, 2014 at 12:02 PM
Leave RI, Following Courtney Love, does not lend you any credibility. That is one of the problems with the world today, GMO popcorn eating, dumbed down, reality show watching...antagonizers such as yourself. Another bullying hater.
Morgaine January 10, 2014 at 12:11 PM
Katie, My last post on this subject. I am fully aware, as any decent person here is, that Micaela has endured her own abuse along the way. I believe in my heart, that something good will come of this. Two great reads, "Victims No Longer," by Mike Lew. The book is worth the read, because Keith, a patient of his, speaks from the heart, and although it is dealing with sexual abuse, it is addressing any form of abuse. It will make anyone cry, and help the healing process. There are people in the world, rather than do the work to heal, will lash out. We make choices. Another great read is, "Unattended Sorrow," by Steven Levine. I wish for Micaela, healing...and a good outcome.
Morgaine January 10, 2014 at 12:17 PM
You hold it in, you hold it in.....but there comes a time when accountability is the only solution. "Happy New Year," and I am waiting for that miracle, when justice has meaning in this world. "NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!"
Don't be fatuous January 10, 2014 at 06:32 PM
Morgaine... I do know the meaning of fatuous... fat-u-ous: adj. a tendency to being corpulent
Morgaine January 10, 2014 at 09:42 PM
Now this is like the school yard. A bully assaults someone, and the remainder of the unpopular, without validation in life, desperate for attention.....rather than stand up for what is right and just.....look into the abyss.....only to find the abyss looking right back at them. What a joy in life. What a contribution in life. What a sad state of affairs, for those who seek out trouble...unprovoked.
Don't be fatuous January 10, 2014 at 10:02 PM
Your abyss... That's like some hole in the ground, right? As I cannot find the aforementioned "abyss" close by, is "abyss" like some metaphor... or is it a simile... I always forget.
Morgaine January 11, 2014 at 11:59 AM
Leave RI January 11, 2014 at 07:55 PM
I sense extreme butt hurt hear...this sounds like teenage AOL chat room.*blink blink*
Karen Marrone January 13, 2014 at 07:45 PM
I believe you "Morgaine." I hope you can put this incident behind you. The unpopular...without validation in life...desperate for attention--sounds like some people I know. It is a sad state of affairs to seek out trouble unprovoked. I also had to deal with "bullies" who were taking their problems out on me. It might make you feel better to know that this happens more than you think--a bully who always got their own way and when you stand in front of them--it is probably the first time that someone challenged them. They are mean, jealous, godless individuals. Stay away. Your attacker will get punished in life--you will see. Peace and love,
Morgaine January 13, 2014 at 09:17 PM
Karen, What makes me feel better, is the relief in knowing.....there are caring people such as yourself, who are willing to speak out for what is right. I can put this behind me, now that my attacker has been exposed. And no worried, the comments by bullying haters here, have only back-fired on them. Thank you for having grown so strong, which is difficult in a world where kindness, is seen as weakness....and being sensitive, with the ability to see truth in a person...is intimidating, rather than seen as a gift. Hugs for all the sorrows they caused you, and Kudos for rising above it, and not becoming like them!
Karen Marrone January 14, 2014 at 08:47 PM
Thank you Morgaine. I am glad that you saw my comment. It just seems like there are more and more situations like this nowadays, and of course your attacker told the opposite story. She learned from her parents that this is the right thing to do, and so her children learned from her. You have to stay away from people like this, that is what I was told, and take the high road. Do well in life. I don't know what happened with the young girls in the parking lot, I guess the story will come out in court. I know you were assaulted, and that was wrong under any circumstances--even if you were friendly with the woman's husband. The right thing to do would have been for you two girls to speak to each other at the time and straighten things out right there and then. It does make you feel better that people know who your attacker was or is. I just realized that my attacker(s) (plural) are jealous, would never talk to me face to face because they are liars, and you are right, I do not want to become like them! They have spent way too much time following me, I have to feel bad that they have nothing special to do with their life. I think they are strange--all of them. I felt bad that you said to "prosecute the person to the fullest extent of the law". I don't think you should regret the choices you made--you made them at a time when you were under alot of stress. There is too much violence in the world today.
Morgaine January 15, 2014 at 04:26 PM
Just for clarification, I was not speaking with her husband at the time. We have known one another since childhood, living in the same neighborhood, attending elementary school together. I believe she assumed it was me, he had relations with. I love to communicate, resolve issues, gain understanding...over misunderstandings. This situation, because of the lies needing to continue...will have to rest in her hands now. She needs to live with it. I don't. All is good now. Another read, "Woman's Inhumanity To Woman," by Phyllis Chesler. I always wondered??? why women blamed the other woman, and not the man. This needs to be addressed. It's a real issue. Take care Karen, we have both had much to ponder on, and I am free. Have some nice exciting projects in the works. Being creative. Much happiness to you. Thank you again, for such kind and thoughtful words. Smiling......
Morgaine January 16, 2014 at 11:35 AM
Karen, "It takes a village," and that message....is for those who see this as airing dirty laundry. Just know, your sharing helped me.....in putting the puzzle pieces together. Thank you! My greatest struggle, had been trying to comprehend....why a women, I had met once...could have such deep seated hate towards me. And it occurred to me this morning, it was during the time of my assault....that one of the women Joanne's husband was involved in....was in fact my sister. Something which she revealed not too long ago. So, from the attacker's perspective, trying to destroy me was justified, yet she had it all wrong???? Joanne, I know that you are following this, and all I can say, is that...."I would like to forgive you." Perhaps it is time for you to address, the generational violence/familial dysfunctions, lies and betrayals, on both sides. And the marriage from the get go, has been the root problem, not the other women. Hopefully, you will seek out qualified help, heal from the past, and heal your family. Trust me Joanne, everyone has things to work out. You are not alone. Just look at the world reflecting back at us.....what we have become as a whole. :(
Morgaine January 16, 2014 at 03:53 PM
OH! Karen, I can't help myself. I am a "Bibliophile." And second to being out in nature, it is a a wonderful addiction. I have not read those book in years, but I do recall good reads. My binges now, are on Native American culture and history, and learning the language of my ancestors....while researching my roots. You have made a few inaccurate assumptions here. The last thing on my mind is man. I do not feel alone. If you feel it takes a man to make one feel complete, do not assume all feel that way. New clothes, nails and hair, do not rock my boat. That is rather shallow thinking from my perspective....as a way to feel whole. I find joy....in being creative. I do not need to have another listen to this story, "again" as you say. Lastly a man of interest??? I got to punch back. I am satisfied, and I do hope she to can move on....as I am. Yes, you are helping.....in turning this into a "Peyton Place Rut," as well. I am humbled. A chance for becoming a better person. Know, that I did not fabricate anything here, nor do I find you to be an interesting person...for my needs. Although I am certain for others you are. I see little in common, other than two victims of bullies...who got to punch back together. It felt good, which I am grateful for. But I gotta hand it to ya, you taught me a lesson real good....turning around like a snake biting me like that. I will never gossip again. Laughing/Smiling.
Morgaine January 17, 2014 at 11:23 AM
Karen, I am here following Palmer Pointe, and happened upon this post. I have never fought over a man, and I feel you are projecting onto me. This is not about Joanne's husband, but Joanne, and what she did to me. This is not a story, I dredge up continuously. I have mentioned it briefly over time. no more than four times. Those closest to me me do not even know. This is the first time I have allowed myself to get angry, and I have every right to. Proving your assumption wrong, about my making up the name Joanne Silveira? she would have jumped on that, yet the witnesses are still alive and well. And you do not need to think who I am, I do not hide truth, or speak with a false name. My legal name is Morgaine A. D'Clegg....and my birth name is Susan H. Clegg. I have no idea how or why? you turned into a switch blade, but clearly you have your own struggles....they are just a bit different than mine. It was not to insult you, on the interesting part, but new clothes and a new man, is not my focus. I do not like or respect her husband...so you can "stop" right there on that one. Being conscious of the fact, we live in a dying world, and trying to do something about it, is of far more significance than a new man, and a new hairstyle. On that level, we are worlds apart, so what do we have further to talk about? Especially, a red flag for me....is when someone rips the carpet from under my feet....after being sweet. Been there done that. No thank you.
Karen Marrone January 17, 2014 at 02:26 PM
I am sorry Susan. I do know you from Sowams School, oh my, and I did think ever since I have been reading these posts that you were a Clegg. Wow! I gave you that advice because you sounded like you were much younger--I do think that is "shallow" also. But to a younger girl...maybe not. It is hard to tell online who you are talking to--I could be talking to a very intelligent 35 year old. No, I do not name names online, but I do refer to the people who harmed me. Since many people know me from school, they have already heard my story and heard the names of the people who harmed me. I don't think that everybody needs a man, I lived by myself for years, and I loved that time in my life, but now I am married again and have a child in college. So I experienced different things. I definitely would call myself interesting, but in quite a different way. Yes, some people do think I am interesting, and definitely funny. A very intelligent woman told me that there is something about me....the crowd parts when I walk into a room. It was nice that she said that, but it scared me also. So I had to think "what was it about me that made this woman come after me?" Jealousy, not of my looks, but my personality, charisma, ability to talk to anybody, and my good heart. Everybody tells me not to worry about it, Tony and I won. Because no other couple could have gone through what we went through with these hideous people and survived. And I am not bragging about our union, as much as I am bragging about my husband and I (together or alone) are survivors. We both lived on our own before we remarried each other. I never knew there were people like this in Barrington--I guess I was naive. We won't be at this location too much longer anyway. It is always fun for the "unpopular" people to take down the homecoming queen. Isn't it? You are mad!!! It took a counselor and many friends who are into "yoga, and sunshine, and flowers" to give me peace. The counselor told me the women who harassed me were sociopaths--he was right! That being said, the world is getting worse...and it is not the world as much as it is corrupt, greedy people, who feel a sense of entitlement. That always seems to be the problem when it comes to town issues. It always seems like the people trying to help are beating their head against a telephone pole--trying to change what five people on the Town Council vote "what is best for us." Since I am not an avid reader, but "dumb as a fox" as my co-workers have said, the answer is "change the system." Definitely not putting you down, throwing you under the bus, or trying to add to your stress in life, but making assumptions that I should not have made. Sorry for that.
Morgaine January 17, 2014 at 05:14 PM
Karen, All is well. No worries. I am good. Right now I am about to embark on building a tiny house on wheels, and the owner of a high end trailer/coach company is excited to work with me, just as much as I with him. His engineers, are ready to help with design. I have a few adventures lined up, after leaving activism. Sounds as though things are well with you. Happy for you, that you have a partner who knows what love is. Personally? I slip up at times, but this was a good run for the most part, because exposing bullies?..... after all, they are the ones who try to ruin it for everyone else. Like the big time ones, who want to control the world, while destroying all that is beautiful. Thank you for sharing that about yourself, nice leaving on a positive note. Smiling. And on a final note, I would love for Mrs.(Elder Maria) Silveira to put in her two cents here. Would love to take her on as an adult. That "Holier Than Thou," did all she could, to destroy me as a child, trying to make me feel unworthy. Yes, Mr. Perna learned and passed on your lowly opinions of me. When her son repeated, "my sisters don't walk the streets like you." My God, I was 16, and did not have access to my parents cars. And be aware, Mrs. S....your daughter confided to a friend about the family dirt....ya know...the one when I told you she said to tell you hello....and your snide hateful response was...."EWWWW." I mean "OHHHH! THE WAITRESS. She has a name, and you know her well. She is an amazing, genuinely kind person, who has the dirt on you, and her name is PEGGY! What I love most about her, is she does not pretend to be someone other than she is. See Karen, it goes deeper than just Joanne. So, letting go now. My wounded child, has spoken. Hugs.
Morgaine January 17, 2014 at 09:33 PM
Karen, You might focus when reading my comments. You sound confused at times. "Friendly with his daughter" was not part of any conversation on my part. In the beginning, I detail who it is I am speaking of. The feelings invoked in you, and those in me...differ. I do not worry about people's opinions, nor do I need their approval....for my feelings of self worth at this time in life. I was referring to the impact, two mean spirited women had on me.....in my youth. Sorry is pity, not empathy. I do not pity me, so no need for you to. I do not have other problems associated with that, mine are more political. You are "again," projecting. I wonder if you suffer depression, because I have very happy days, and one day a month....a somewhat bluesy day. Truly, the best therapy for me, would be to hang out with Leonardo da Vinci, maybe George Carlin, or Terence McKenna! To be in the presence of such "Brilliant/Advanced/Souls" would heal any wounded heart. Know anyone like that? I shut down my Facebook account, I do not chit chat on the Internet, it was for exposing political corruption. This is getting too much for me, I have been friendly, but have other callings right now. Enjoy the reunion. We are all equals.
Karen Marrone January 18, 2014 at 08:13 AM
Very confused.
Morgaine January 18, 2014 at 10:48 AM
Karen, I caught your prior message, and it so screamed from the heart. Out of respect, and gratitude for your having been supportive of me, it would be meaningful to tell you...."I BELIEVE YOU!" For those who thought it crazy, they need to watch the You tube video, "Dave Chapelle on calling people crazy," by lilwil132. When there is no justice, how as a society will we ever find peace? Sociopaths/borderline psychopaths IMO, thrive, because people do not want to hear about it, just so long as it does not hit home...or the need hide what happens at their own home. Ya know, protect the image at all costs attitude. And as they remain silent, while preferring to call victims crazy, when having a justified outburst, of frustrated overwhelmnent, they are part of the gang mentality, because of their cowardice. Allowing perversions to permeate all aspects, of what should be considered home here on planet earth....is so wrong on every level. If people do not speak out, that right will soon be gone. Literally. The feeling of vulnerability, is stressful, when people damage your property...as they have done yours. I recall the time, when Joanne Silveira, parked her van near my home, and had no feelings of guilt about corrupting her second born son, (after the first one ended up in prison) to fill her need for revenge......by ordering him to pour weed killer into my flower boxes. My neighbor alerted me, to suspicious activity when she saw them. $500.00 worth of plantings, died within several days. Yet that was not satisfying enough. Never having had flower boxes..."ever"....her final attempt at torment on "THAT" one...was the sudden appearance of flower boxes on her deck, with the same plantings. I told the Silveira family, no compensation, or apologies. This is just to let you know, I am aware, there are malicious people who plot and plan, to hurt others. So of course...."I BELIEVE YOU," and do not find you to be crazy...at all. Clearly, this justice system is set up for the victim to fail. I learned that after her attacks, and by some neighbors, who hated the fact, we put up a fence to keep them out. "Sociopaths/Bordeline Psychopaths," are one of the greatest scourges of the world, and can be likened to a "Cancer," for which there is no cure. Unless people begin to comprehend, the wisdom in..."It Takes A Village." Highly unlikely, as that takes guts and work. Easier to be deluded into thinking, they are above another's troubles. What is that quote? "Until They Hear The Screams And Smell The Blood, They Will Do Nothing." People are in for a rude awakening. Most people, have no idea of what is happening around them. They want a pretty world, yet do nothing to contribute towards that. My Lawyer told me, with people like that, the only solution is to sell the home, get out and away from them. I know others, having to do this as well. Wishing relief for you and yours. You have a really good heart, just a lot on your platter right now. Of course it is confusing, being subjected to "Mean People."
Morgaine January 19, 2014 at 08:56 PM
Karen, I forgot to include in my last post, regarding your deleted comment, that you are not "all that confused," I think you hopped in, after earlier comments posted are no longer show. If you look to top of page, above the first seeming comment, you will see in blue type, "show me all earlier comments." There are the missing details. It took a tremendous amount of courage, for you to post those feelings. Never let anyone make you feel, it was insanity being so publicly open. They just would never dare. Trust me, they think about it plenty. Example being, Joey Silveira, Joanne's husband told me that he was so angry, if he had a gun while seeing me.....he would have shot and killed me, for reporting his parents, illegal boat storing business. I shared that with the Chief Lacross. Well, this is pretty well finished, off to see if Palmer Pointe has any updates, and then to drafting some tiny house plans. Look into it. You might find it suits you. The freedom in that is.....if you don't like your neighbors, drive off. Laughing/Smiling.
Karen Marrone January 19, 2014 at 09:26 PM
The thing is that we are posting under another article which has nothing to do with our conversation really, we don't know what happened. And thank you for saying what you said. But, there are alot of crackpots who read these posts, and I don't want you to say too much. You can send me an e-mail to my old e-mail address, I still keep it open. That is why I gave you that address--because my e-mail address has been hacked in the past.
Karen Marrone January 19, 2014 at 09:48 PM
Referring to your message of January 18 at 10:48 AM, you are a nice and NORMAL person also. I have to comment because we have dealt with "weed killer" over here also. But it was my neighbor who dared to talk to me, after the "bad" neighbor talked to her. A beautiful bush that she planted--dead. We had to laugh because the weed killer was right next to the house so we could see it. My daughter told me (she is my calming influence in my house) that I could have run over something on the bridge--it could have flipped and hit the INSIDE of my tire, and planted a nail on the inside sidewall. It really is stupid--I have 4 cameras outside my house pointing at the driveway and the yard, pointed directly at that tire. All the tires on the SUV are 5 years old anyway, and my husband says we need new ones anyway. Also, he immediately fixed the tire when he got home from work. So what's my problem? I understand everything you have gone through, and there is no real solution. You are right about sociopaths, etc., and that we are the victims, and they continue to be the predator. It is bullying--plain and simple. But, I thought it stopped when you hit 20?, so their mentality is that of a teenager. I am not a psychologist--nowhere near it. I think you are doing the right things. You put up a fence, you told other neighbors, etc. Am I right to assume that this family has stopped bothering you? Probably because you ignored them. They like a show--if you don't give them one--they stop. It is not fun anymore. My mom said "if they are bored, why don't they volunteer for something." LOL--that is not in them--to help people without getting paid. It would be nice, and I would think alot more of them if I saw them doing nice things for people. If you noticed, most of the people in town who are good to everybody, not just self-serving, are the most loved. Is Palmer Pointe near where you live? I think it is--if you live at your old homestead. We have low income housing at this end of town. I really don't know what they should do.
Leave RI January 19, 2014 at 10:19 PM
Hey hey you guys are screwing up my feed with your wambulance diary entries.
Karen Marrone January 19, 2014 at 10:45 PM
LOL We're done. I knew that I knew Sue after she told her story.
Morgaine January 20, 2014 at 11:12 AM
Leave RI, Now "THAT" was worthy of a good belly laugh. "LAUGHING HEARTILY!" You are so right on, in reminding us. But, damn...it felt so good. Karen, bringing Palmer Pointe into the mix, fit in well, because here I have Joey Silveira, telling me he wanted to kill me, while in complete exasperation, stating, "how dare you, take income from two elderly people!" Yep, for reporting his parents illegal, tax free side business. You see now, what you are dealing with townspeople. "THE FINE AND NOBLE SILVEIRA'S HAVE SPOKEN! Karen....."I AM DONE!"......HIGH FIVE!
Leave RI January 20, 2014 at 11:17 AM
Happy to help!!!
Karen Marrone January 20, 2014 at 11:26 AM
Oh my! Sue, you are making me laugh now. William Rupp is going to go crazy and shut this site down. I remember buying corn and tomatoes from the Silveira's in the summer long, long ago. My mom would ask me to walk down there, and I would always stop at the Stanley's home. I was friendly with one of the daughters, and you were always welcome there. In fact, there is a website called Hampden Meadows Kids, I started it, and Debbie S and myself are pictured at a birthday party in 1968. It is funny! You should join it. Just ignore the Silveiras, you should, and you will be happier. I don't know the people you are talking about, but I might have gone to school with a Mike Silveira. Does that ring a bell? Who loves you baby.....HIGH FIVE!
Morgaine January 20, 2014 at 02:14 PM
Laughing. OK. I will stop in at the "Hampden Meadows Kids," but you need to include the "Sowams School Kids" too. Many of us transferred to there when it was first built. Be forewarned, I am not one to participate much....but appreciate the invite. Time we free everyone from our, "Wambulance Diaries." Thank you William Rupp....you deserve the "PATIENCE AWARD!"


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