Vandalism, Harassment Reported to Police

Slower week on police beat punctuated with complaints about vandalism and harassment.

Barrington Police cruiser outside of police station on Federal Road. Credit: BPD
Barrington Police cruiser outside of police station on Federal Road. Credit: BPD

Someone took some pot shots with a BB or pellet gun at a window in the Barrington Senior Center last week.

A janitor for the senior center found two holes in a window on the east side of the senior center on Monday, Dec. 30, around 12:47 pm, according to Barrington Police Chief John LaCross. The windows on that side of the building face a wooded area.

Police also got a report of another case of vandalism later the same day.

A man returned to his SUV parked in the lot outside the Shaw’s Supermarket at around 6:11 pm and found that someone had taken a key to the paint job, said the police chief.

On the same day, police got a call from a 17-year-old worker at Rite-Aid pharmacy on County Road of harassment of a different type.

The girl told police that she was receiving calls from a frequent male customer who asked her if she was working alone and telling her that he was interested in talking with or meeting her.

The girl became very upset, LaCross said, and was fearful that the man would show up when she left the store at the end of her shift.

So, a police officer went to the store when the girl got off work and escorted her home. The girl was told to call police if the customer show up at the store again when she is working.


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