Unlocked Vehicle 'Bandits' Back

Barrington police receive another spate of calls from car owners about electronics and cash snatched from unlocked vehicles parked in driveways.

Another spate of thefts from unlocked vehicles were reported to Barrington police over the weekend.

The reports came in on Friday morning, Aug. 3, from a home on Hazelton Road; on Saturday morning, Aug. 4, from a home on Middle Highway, and on Sunday morning, Aug. 5, from a home on Maple Avenue, two homes on Peck Street, two homes on Townsend Street and one home on Preston Drive.

The thefts all appear to have occurred overnight, according to Barrington Police Chief John LaCross. All of the vehicles were left unlocked, he said.

Reported stolen from the vehicles were a variety of electronics, including GPS systems, iPods, cell phones, and a rangefinder for golfers; a wallet with credit cards, and hundreds of dollars in cash, LaCross said.

LaCross has said repeatedly:  “Don’t leave anything in your car and don’t leave your car unlocked. Take everything in the house.”

He also asks that anyone who hears a car alarm or notices a light on inside a car at an unusual hour should contact police immediately. Patrol officers will respond to all calls.

You can also call the confidential Barrington police hotline at 437-3933 if you have any other information about the thefts. Or call and ask for the detectives who are investigating the larcenies.

Dozens of thefts from unlocked vehicles took place last fall and early this year before police arrested a Barrington man and a Riverside man. New bandits appear to have taken their place.

Carol Dussault August 06, 2012 at 09:12 PM
Just how stupid are these people? Fist of all, why do you leave things of value in your vehicle? And then you don't lock it? Seriously??? And it keeps happening!


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