Underage Drinking Party Busted; Girl, 17, Charged

Barrington police raid a home on New Meadow Road on Friday evening after a caller reported 'lots of kids' coming in and out of the area.

Barrington police broke up an underage drinking party on Friday night, Nov.18, at a home at 117 New Meadow Road.

A 17-year-old girl was charged with possession of alcohol by an underage person, police said. Five boys and girls were found in the home when police arrived.

Police were called to the home about 9:42 pm by a caller who said that “lots of kids” were coming in and out of the area. When police arrived at the home across the street from the Barrington River, the house was in total darkness, police said.

A patrolman knocked on the front door and got no response, police said. Five police officers then entered the house through the unlocked door, thinking that trespassers might have entered the home. Patrol cars also blocked off traffic to New Meadow Road.

Police found the five teens in separate rooms and more than a dozen bottles of beer in the living room. One of the girls also complained of being sick.

None of the teens admitted to being connected to the home at first, police said, until they were told they could all be charged with breaking and entering. The girl charged with alcohol possession then said it was her parents’ summer home.

The father of the girl was contacted and arrived at the home. He confirmed that the house was a family home. None of the other teens were charged, police said.

‘Stalker’ was private investigator

A Humphreys Road man reported to Barrington police on Friday morning, Nov. 18, that he was being stalked.

The man told police that a black Tahoe with tinted windows was following him. He provided a license plate number.

The plate number led police to a private investigator who was conducting a legal investigation, police said.

Dog believed attacked by coyote

A Tallwood Drive woman reported to police on Friday evening, Nov. 18, that her dog was attacked in her back yard.

The 8-year-old Daschhund was found bleeding was lacerations to its chests, police said. It was taken to a veterinarian for treatment.

The woman told police that she has seen coyotes in her back yard.

Tent found in woods

Barrington police responded on Sunday morning, Nov. 20, to a report of someone living in a tent in the wooded area behind the Shaw’s Supermarket in the Barrington Shopping Plaza.

Police found a tent erected in the woods not far from the East Bay Bike Path. It was taken down and believed to have been erected by a homeless person.

Karen Frobig Zucconi November 21, 2011 at 05:16 PM
Apparently kids have known about the guy living behind Shaw's for awhile.


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