Two Wallets, Fishing Knife Reported Stolen

Thefts of wallets and a fishing knife reported to Barrington police.

Wallets swiped from YMCA locker room

Maybe locking the lockers would help.

Two wallets were reported stolen from unlocked lockers at the Bayside YMCA on West Street on the same evening last week. The thefts also occurred in the same time period, according to the Barrington police.

A West Warwick man, 20, said he used the YMCA between 6 and 8 pm on Wednesday, May 9. He said he left his wallet in a pocket in a pair of jeans he hung in the locker, police said.

A Providence man, 25, said he left his clothes hanging in a locker as well while he used the YMCA from around 6 to 7:10 pm. He did not discover that his wallet was missing until he attempted to make a purchase at the CVS Pharmacy around 8 pm.

The West Warwick man said he lost about $20 in cash. The Providence man said he lost about $22 in cash.

Fishing knife stolen from hardware store

A fishing knife was reported stolen from Center ACE Hardware on County Road last Tuesday afternoon, May 8, according to Barrington police.

A surveillance video shows two boys, around 17 years old, walking around the store. One of the teens removed the three-quarter inch knife from a plastic case, which he discarded in the store, police said.

The teen was described as about 5-10 and wearing a blue Fox-brand shirt with shorts and high-top sneakers. The knife had a value of $15, police said.


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