Teens Illegally Enter Elementary School

Barrington police are continuing an investigation into the entry of Hampden Meadows School on Saturday afternoon by four teens.

Barrington police are continuing an investigation into the illegal entry of the Hampen Meadows School late Saturday afternoon, May 12, by four teens, ages 14 to 19 -- one a former student.

The entry was discovered after an alarm signaled the alarm company. The firm reported to Barrington police that multiple voices were heard inside the school near a janitor’s closet and two classrooms, and outside the building, said Barrington Police Chief John LaCross.

Four patrol officers responded to the school.

The teens were two males, ages 17 and 19, and two females, ages 14 and 16. The car they parked near the playground is licensed in Connecticut, LaCross said.

The teens entered the school through a boiler-room door that apparently was unlocked, LaCross said.

“They said they entered the building to use the bathroom,” the police chief said.

While inside the building, the teens said they did look into several classrooms. But police found no damage and nothing was reported missing, LaCross said.

The teens were issued trespassing warnings by patrol officers. No one has been charged pending the completion of the investigation, LaCross said.

Identity theft reported

 Also on Saturday, Barrington police received a report of identity theft from a Magnolia Lane man, 34. He said he discovered that someone used his Social Security number to open a cellular phone account with T-Mobile after getting a call from a collection agency.

The account was opened several months ago by someone with a Warwick address, and the bill was paid until recently, according to the police report.

Coins snatched from Beach Road home

A Beach Road resident reported to Barrington police on Friday afternoon, May 11, that hundreds of dollars in coins were taken from jars in his home by two boys in his neighborhood.

The boys, 14 and 17, apparently were videotaped entering the home through the unlocked front door. The Beach Road resident said he did not want to press charges and would deal with the thefts with the boys’ parents.


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