Stolen Car Recovered Within Hours on Thanksgiving Day

A Sowams Road man reported the theft at 8:15 am; his car was recovered in Warren about three hours later.

A Barrington man found something else to be thankful for last week.

The Sowams Road man, 72, had his car stolen and then recovered undamaged within hours of each other on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 28.

He eported the theft of an unlocked 1995 Honda Accord from his driveway at about 8:15 am. The man said he keeps a spare key for the vehicle in the center console.

The car was recovered about 11:15 am in Warren by a police officer. It was parked and left unattended on Federal Street, according to the police report.

Barrington Police Chief John LaCross speculated that the thief entered the vehicle looking for something to steal. The police received two other reports of larcenies from vehicles on Thanksgiving morning. 

When the thief found the key to the car, LaCross said, he may have decided he found a ride home. The vehicle had no interior or exterior damage, according to the police report.


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