Two Teens 'Sting' Restaurant

A waiter for Sushi Express on County Road receives a summons for illegally serving alcohol to two teens trained by Barrington police to uncover violations.

A Barrington restaurant was stung last week by two undercover teens who were served beer by a waiter.

Barrington police sent in two specially trained teenagers to Sushi Express on County Road last Friday, July 6, around 7:03 pm. The teens were working undercover with Barrington Det. Lt. Dino DeCrescenzo and Sgt. Josh Birrell, said Police Chief John LaCross.

The teens were served bottles of Budweiser and Coors beer by a waiter, Dan Dan Chen, 22, of Boston. It was not known by police if Sushi Express has sent all of its employees for alcohol-server training offered by The BAY Team, Barrington’s substance abuse prevention coalition.

LaCross said the violation was the first of its type in Barrington in a long time. The police regularly do checks of all Barrington restaurants that serve alcohol, the police chief said.


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