'Raccoon-Buster' Frees Wild Animal

A Barrington patrol officer freed a 'distressed' raccoon from a screen porch early last Thursday morning.

What do you do when a raccoon gets trapped in your screen porch?

You call raccoon-busters – in this case, the Barrington Police Department.

A South Meadow Lane woman contacted police dispatch early last Thursday morning, Sept. 13, about a raccoon that apparently fell through the roof into the screen porch. An earlier call to the RI Department of Environmental Management by the woman resulted in a referral to an exterminator.

The call to the police came about 2:39 am from the woman’s husband in London, who was traveling on business, said Barrington Police Chief John LaCross.

The raccoon appeared to be “distressed,” said LaCross. It attempted to hang from the ceiling and jumped at the screens and windows in its attempts to get free.

Patrol Officer Walter Larson responded, assessed the commotion, and asked the homeowner if he could cut through a screen to create an exit for the raccoon.

There was some hesitation at first, but not long. Larson cut the screen and the raccoon soon was set loose.


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