Pooh Bear, Boat Engine Panel Reported Stolen

Barrington police continue their investigations into two thefts -- one from the Senior Center van, one at Stanley's Boatyard.

Barrington police are investigating two larcenies reported on the same day last week, Tuesday, May 29, including the reported thefts of a Winnie the Pooh bear and a boat engine panel.

The first larceny was reported at 12:31 pm by Louise House, director of the Barrington Senior Center, police said. A fire extinguisher and the stuffed animal were reported missing from the Senior Center van by House.

The vehicle was not damaged, Police Chief John LaCross said. It was parked in its usual location in the parking lot next to the Senior Center in the lower level of the library building.

The theft is believed to have occurred between May 25 and 29, when the van was parked for the Memorial Day weekend and the Senior Center was closed. The rear door that allows handicap access was left unlocked, LaCross said.

About four hours later, police received a report from Stanley’s Boatyard that a Yamaha engine cover panel was missing from a boat. The panel is valued at $936 by the boat owner, LaCross said.

The boat is owned by a Wayland, Mass., family, which had last used it on May 6. The engine panel was noticed as missing on May 13. The reported theft was called in to police about two weeks later.


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