Police Add Rx Drug Drop Box

A drug collection unit has been placed in the Barrington Public Safety Building lobby for the disposal of unwanted and expired prescriptions at any time, not just special take-back days.

A new prescription drug "drop box" has been placed in the lobby of the Barrington Public Safety Building on Federal Road.

Expired or unwanted prescription drugs can be dropped in the unit at any time now by Barrington residents – not just on special drug take-back days. The drop box sits just inside the front door.

Barrington Police Chief John LaCross said the unit is “an attempt to keep prescription medications away from children in town and to prevent water contamination by flushing such prescription drugs into the sewer system.”

Instructions on what "shouldn't" be placed in the unit are typed on the front panel, LaCross said.

“I only ask that if a person has a brown bag or other container with their drugs in it, that they should use a clear plastic bag so dispatch can see from the window or it can be recorded on camera,” the police chief said.

Extra clear trash bags will be stored on top of the drug unit, he said.

The unit was purchased for the department by The BAY Team – Barrington’s substance abuse prevention coalition.

“When a resident enters the lobby wishing to deposit old prescription drugs,” said LaCross, “the dispatcher or the officer in station can assist them, if needed, with the following procedures.”

  • Inform them that the prescription drugs being deposited do not contain aerosol cans, gauze pads, hydrogen peroxide, inhalers, liquids, lotions, medications from businesses or clinics, needles, ointments or thermometers.
  • If any of these items are contained within the deposit, ask them to remove them before depositing.
  • At no time shall residents deposit bags that are non-transparent. 

The detective lieutenant or a designee will empty the drug-collection unit weekly or as needed. The contents will be placed in a cardboard box, dated and stored in evidence. 

The prescription drugs will be turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) when it holds its quarterly Drug Take Back Day programs. DEA will dispose of the drugs.


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