Moonshine, Memorial Day Don't Mix

A Warren man, 29, was found lying face down along the East Bay Bike Path in Barrington on Memorial Day after drinking two Mason jars of moonshine.

Too much moonshine on Memorial Day for a Warren man resulted in him being found lying face down in the grass along the East Bay Bike Path in Barrington. He also got arrested for violating probation.

A caller who found Michael D. Harris, 29, of 61 Union St., contacted Barrington police at 6:47 p.m. on Monday, May 27. He said he was concerned about a man on the ground near the intersection of Washington and Short Roads, according to the police report.

Police found Harris without a shirt and wearing a pair of grass-stained American flag shorts. Harris, who also smelled strongly of alcohol, had other minor scratches and bruises.

Harris’s speech was slurred while responding to questions from a patrol officer. The officer eventually determined that Harris had become inebriated after drinking several beers and two of four Mason jars filled with moonshine that he was given by a friend, said Barrington Police Chief John LaCross.

Harris said he tried to ride his back to Warren from Providence. On the way home, he alleged that he was attacked in Riverside by some kids before crashing his bike in Barrington.

Police officers and EMTs decided to take Harris to Rhode Island Hospital to be treated for his injuries and to dry out in the detoxification unit. That’s when Harris became combative and had to be handcuffed.

Harris’s day only got worse when police ran a check on him and found that he was wanted for the probation violation out of Swansea. He was charged with being a fugitive from justice before being transported to Swansea police.


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