Were You Warned to Clear Sidewalk?

Barrington's police chief said officers began giving out warnings to property owners who saw the new deadline in snow removal ordinance come and go.

Mother Nature has cleared most of the snow from last Saturday's storm off of Barrington's sidewalks.

If you didn't clear the sidewalks yourself by 6 pm last Sunday, you might have  received a warning from the police department.

Chief John LaCross said officers began giving out warnings when the 6 pm deadline came and went on the day after the snowfall ended. That’s one of the changes in Barrington’s amended snow removal ordinance.

The ordinance, 164-5, states that anyone having “the care of any building or lot of land bordering on any street, highway, square or public place within the town where there is a sidewalk shall, by 6 pm the day following any snowfall,” remove it from the sidewalk and areas surrounding fire hydrants.  

This section also applies to falling snow and/or ice from rooftops.

If you fail to clear the snow as required by the ordinance, you may be fined $50. That’s the other change to the ordinance. Fines previously started at $10.

You can claim a physical hardship if you are incapable of removing the snow or you lack the financial means to pay for snow removal. Apply for a hardship waiver with the director of the Department of Public Works.

The police chief is asking for your cooperation after any snowstorm, especially if you live near a school. The ordinance’s intent is to not to provide income for the town but to provide a safe route for anyone using sidewalks.

To view a map of all the paved sidewalks in town, log onto the Barrington police website.  Double-click the snow plow.

Manifold Witness January 25, 2012 at 12:44 PM
If a municipal Police Chief ordered a group of black folks to shovel public sidewalks for free.... well... that would be outrageous, right? Shocking. There'd be lawyers buzzin' ‘round lickety split, right? Yet the Town Council paid their solicitor to write such an illegal ordinance for Barrington. Did the Chief's troops issue any warnings to the public sidewalk ”owner”….uh...the Town Manager…. for failing to clear the town sidewalks? (The police dept. map is entitled “Town Sidewalks”, delineated with a blue line designated “public sidewalks”.) The town doesn’t force independent snow plow operators to plow the streets for free. The Chief's troops didn't enforce the parking bans when they were called to the Daunis in the wee hours recently for illegal parking and disturbing the peace. Barrington Police Chief…still pickin' & choosin' with selective enforcement. Will the Chief issue an actual ticket for the test case? Paying police to scare residents into clearing public sidewalks for free is a rotten thing for government to do. The Town Council should have the integrity to repeal the illegal snow removal ordinance. It’s the least they can do. Then ask people nicely to consider helping to clear a little sidewalk area. It’s the most they can do.
TryingForGreen January 25, 2012 at 02:20 PM
Yesterday morning on my way down Federal, a high school student was on the brief sidewalk in front of the PD. Unfortunately, there was a giant pile of snow there that forced the boy to walk into the street. Who's supposed to be shoveling that?
Nayatt Neighbor January 25, 2012 at 02:25 PM
The photo of snow in front of Nayatt school is inaccurate. The sidewalk is behind the cars shown in the photo off the road. The area in the photograph is grass. The school cleared their sidewalks on Sunday after the storm.


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