Car, Cash Stolen After Break-In

A Phillips Street home in Barrington was broken into last week and the thief stole $1,000 in cash and a Lexus; the car has been recovered.

More than a thousand dollars in cash and a car were reported stolen from a Barrington home that was broken into last week.

The car was recovered in Riverside about 8 hours after the theft was reported. The burglar apparently used it to make his getaway, according to Barrington police. 

The home is located on Phillips Street. The owner had been away for several days. He reported the break-in and car theft early Thursday morning, Feb. 14, soon after returning home.

The burglar walked away with a bundle of cash in currencies from different countries, according to Barrington police. 

The burglar also found the keys to a 2011 Lexus and drove it into East Providence near the Crescent Park Carousel in Riverside. He apparently abandoned the vehicle at that location. It is not known how long the car sat there before being recovered.

An investigation into the break-in and car theft continues.


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