Boy Allegedly Posts Threatening Comment

Barrington police investigate post that hinted at threat of something bad happening on middle school field trip.

Barrington Middle School. Credit: W.Rupp
Barrington Middle School. Credit: W.Rupp

Children need to beware what they post online. It could get unwanted attention from the police.

A boy at Barrington Middle School allegedly posted on Instagram that something bad could happen on a school field trip. The post was seen as a possible threat by a parent of another student.

The parent contacted the Barrington police last Wednesday, Nov. 27. Detective Dino DeCrescenzo investigated the post and searched the boy’s locker. Nothing suspicious was found, according to Barrington Police Chief John LaCross.

“We take these things very seriously,” LaCross said. “Kids post things and don’t realize the ramifications it can have.”

The boy told police that he didn’t mean anything with his so-called threatening post.

School officials took the boy’s post seriously as well. They assigned him to detention, LaCross said. 


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