Man Comes to Aid of Suicidal 'Friend'

Barrington, North Providence and Providence police locate an Atlantic Crossing man's friend who indicated he would be harming himself within hours.

A Barrington man may have saved a friend’s life when he spotted an early evening post on Facebook that indicated the friend planned to harm himself by midnight.

The Atlantic Crossing man called Barrington police last Tuesday evening, Aug. 28, at 7:30 pm. He told them that his friend's post said he might be considering suicide.

The posting said the man had 50 grams of aspirin and was holding a butter knife, said Police Chief John LaCross.

The Atlantic Crossing resident gave police a North Providence address for his friend. Barrington police contacted the department there and asked them to do an immediate well-being check.

North Providence police could not find the man at that address, but his mother lives there. She told them he could be found at a Providence address.

Providence police went to Trenton Street, where they found the Barrington man’s friend. He did take an overdose of some type of medication, LaCross said. He was transported to Rhode Island Hospital for treatment.

“He probably saved the guy’s life,” said LaCross of the Atlantic Crossing man.


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