Art Thief Dabbles, Guest Bares All

We compile a few noteworthy and oh-my-gosh police stories from across the region.

High-brow heist master settles for Samsung

Some could argue that the man famed for bargaining with the FBI to arrange the return of $300 million in art from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum has sunk to less lofty goals. 

Myles Connor, 69, famed art thief and one-time rocker, was arrested July 5, for  at gunpoint in an attempt to get her to pay a debt. 

According to reports, Connor allegedly accused the woman of owing him money when she asked him for a cigarette during a friend's social gathering. After he allegedly put a pellet gun to her head, Connor and his girlfriend attempted to steal her necklace — but only managed to grab a Samsung cell phone worth about $250 in a struggle. The victim and her girlfriend then followed the pair to a gas station, where they drove off in a car with Massachusetts plates. Police were later able to identify both Connor and his girlfriend, leading to their arrests.

Toddler misses metal on Cranston street

A two-year-old child was showered with glass the night of Wednesday, July 11, after a stray bullet from a street fight hit her family's car while it was driving along Webster Avenue in Cranston. The child and her father suffered scratches, but were otherwise unharmed, said police. Along with the passing car, a canopy above  and a nearby house were struck with stray bullets.

Hotel Clerk Gets the Full Vermonty

A Vermont man staying at the  gave a hotel clerk a not-so-welcome late night surprise. According to the clerk, the man approached the front desk around 2:25 a.m. on July 5 wearing nothing but a pair of blue boxers and began to talk to her. She reportedly became increasingly uncomfortable with the conversation after the man asked her about her relationship status and if she could leave the front desk, according to reports. When the clerk tried to turn away, the .

Police found the man in his hotel room, along with his wife and children. According to reports, Brusoe appeared to be under the influence at the time of his arrest.

Music to Their Ears:

From the "Creative Court Orders" file, a driver's failed appeal of her $85 traffic ticket turned into a $500 donation toward a new sound system at Johnston High School this week. According to Mayor Joseph Polisena, a traffic court judge ordered the woman to make a donation to a Johnston organization after she tried to get out of the ticket for running a red light. The mayor chose the Johnston Drama and Performing Arts troupe, one of three local groups working to raise money for the new system.


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