Arrests Pile Up in Barrington

Eleven people face an array of Barrington police charges, including domestic assaults, DUIs, and attempted larceny.

Barrington police made 11 arrests in the past week, including two people for domestic assault, one for disorderly conduct, two for DUI charges and two for attempted larceny. The latter two people were arrested after the Barrington victim of the attempted theft gave chase and contacted police.

Police use Taser on man

A Barrington man, 51, faces several domestic charges after he reportedly head-butted his wife on Saturday, April 14, around 10:30 pm and then had to be restrained with handcuffs and a jolt from a Taser.

Raymond Alexander, of 33 Pezzullo Ave., faces charges of domestic simple assault or battery, refusing to relinquish a telephone, and resisting arrest, Barrington police said. He allegedly struck his wife while she was in bed.

Alexander was arraigned by a justice of the peace and held until around 1:30 am in a jail cell. He was released with a no-contact order.

Man charged after dispute with daughter

A Barrington man was charged with disorderly conduct after police officers  responded to a call about an alleged physical dispute with his daughter.

Police Chief John LaCross said John P. Nestell, 47, of 214 Promenade St. would not calm down for police officers after they interceded in a dispute with his daughter on Saturday, April 14, about 9:10 pm.

Nestell was not charged with domestic assault, LaCross said, even though his daughter had marks on her shoulder and triceps. He was charged with disorderly conduct because of his agitation with and defiance to police officers, LaCross said.

Police officers asked Nestell to spend the night with his brother. He agreed at first and then took no action to leave his house, LaCross said.

Nestell was then transported to the Barrington police station about 10 pm, where he began complaining of chest pain. He was transported to Rhode Island Hospital by Barrington EMTs.

Nestell’s daughter reportedly refused treatment for unknown injuries.

Disobey stop sign, get busted

An East Providence man, 31, faces a marijuana possession charge after his vehicle was stopped on Sunday afternoon, April 15, for driving through a stop sign in Barrington.

Fred P. Coury, of 147 Glenrose Drive, was stopped by Barrington police at 2:09 pm after he disobeyed a stop sign at West Street and Waseca Avenue. Patrol Officer Kristy Viveiros smelled an odor of marijuana when she asked for his license and registration.

Coury was arrested and transported to the police station. He was arraigned by a justice of the peace and released at 4:44 pm with a court date.

Girl, 16, faces DUI charge

A 16-year-old Portsmouth girl faces drunk-driving charges after she was involved in a one-car crash on Ferry Lane at Ronald Road on Saturday evening, April 14.

The girl was traveling on Ferry Lane about 11:21 pm when her vehicle left the road and struck a tree, Police Chief John LaCross said.The crash totaled the front end of the car and smashed the windshield.

The girl was taken to Hasbro Children’s Hospital by East Providence EMTs after her rights were read at the scene of the crash. Details of her injuries were not released.

The girl was turned over to the custody of her mother after she was charged.

Men learn not to touch his car

Two Westerly men face charges of tampering with a vehicle after they were arrested early last Saturday morning, April 14, in Barrington. One of the men also was charged with carrying a pistol, a Colt 45 revolver, without a license or permit.

The men, Jonathan D. Garcia, 21, and Louis J. Capaldi, 23, reportedly were approaching a vehicle on West Street around 2:12 am, Police Chief John LaCross said. The owner of the vehicle saw the men, hit an alarm on his vehicle, contacted police and then chased the men in his vehicle into Warren on County Road.

The two Westerly men then turned around on side streets and headed back into Barrington in an attempt to lose the Barrington man, LaCross said.  A Warren patrol officer also began to pursue their vehicle.

The men’s vehicle was stopped by a Barrington patrol officer near the Barrington Congregational Church on County Road, LaCross said. Officers found found a crowbar in the vehicle along with the gun and three fully-loaded clips of ammunition. It was not known if the gun was loaded.

Garcia and Capaldi were taken to the Barrington police station, where they were arraigned by a justice of the peace. They were released to family members after posting $2,050 bail each.

Unlicensed driver in car crash

A woman from Springfield, Mass., who was driving without a license in Barrington last Friday was taken to Rhode Island Hospital by EMTs after her vehicle was struck from behind by truck on County Road.

Diane W. Lyman, 56, of 94 Sylvan St., was traveling north about 3:54 pm when her vehicle was hit by the truck in stop-and-go traffic. Details of her injuries were not released but an observor said they did not appear to be serious.

Lyman was issued a summons by Barrington police.

Boy, 15, faces assault charge

A 15-year-old Barrington teen faces disorderly conduct and simple assault or battery charges after a fight at the high school last Thursday morning. He allegedly beat up another student in a classroom.

The boy was released to his parents with a Famly Court date.

Woman faces domestic charge

A Swansea woman, 56, faces a domestic simple assault and battery charge after a fight in Barrington with her husband.

Shelly Andreozzi, of 434 Old Providence Road, was arrested on Wednesday afternoon at a home on Vineyard Lane after getting into an altercation with her husband at his office. He showed scratches and was wearing a torn T-shirt when he reported to the police station.

Andreozzi was taken to the police station, where she was arraigned by a justice of the peace.

The incident occurred about 2:21 pm. She was released with a court date.

Homeless man arrested in library

Barrington police arrested an apparent homeless man in the public library last Tuesday morning, April 10.

Matthew K. Murray, 26, who has been living in the woods behind the Shaw's supermarket and near Veterans' Memorial park, was picked up on a District Court bench warrant around 11:47 am. A woman who has been living with the man also was arrested but not charged, police said.

Murray was transported to District Court for failure to appear. The woman was returned to the library by a patrol officer after Murray was taken to court, police said.

‘Pot’ charge follows crash

A young Barrington man faces marijuana possession charges after the vehicle he was driving struck another vehicle on Monday evening, April 9, sending a teenage girl who was a passenger in his vehicle to the hospital with undisclosed injuries.

Cristian A. Martinez, 18, of 29 Lake Ave., was traveling on Middle Highway near County Road at around 8:50 pm when his vehicle collided with the othe vehicle, according to Barrington police. Police officers found several small bags of marijuana in the vehicle after smelling the odor coming from the car.

Martinez was arrested and taken to the police station. He was arraigned by a justice of the peace on charges of marijuana possession and driving in possession of a controlled substance, police said.


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