Letter: New BCWA Director Could Mean Great Changes

A letter to the Editor from Marina Peterson.

We have a for the . 

Pam Marchand, previously with the Providence Water Supply Board where she acted as chief engineer and general manager, will be taking the reins at the end of the month.  

At this point we can continue to talk about vetting procedures, and lack of transparency in the selection, and broken promises, but I think it best that we move forward and hope for the best. I wish her success in her endeavors at BCWA and hopefully some important changes that have been held in abeyance while waiting for a new Executive Director, will be executed.  

I would hope that the first order of business would be to get out an RFP for legal services so that they can get out from under the astronomical $375.00 per hour that they are currently paying!  I don't think anyone disagrees that this must be a top priority.  And not just for the monetary savings.

If Ms. Marchand is to establish herself as the new leader of the BCWA she must start by being unencumbered by "we always did it this way" type thinking.  She will hopefully have  new ideas that she is bringing to the position and needs to be able to put them in motion.  

Apparently Mr. Jannitto is well aware of the mismanaged state of affairs and chaos that runs rampart at BCWA because he stated "I think she knows what she is getting into." 

I have been advised by BCWA that regular flushing of the water lines will begin again in April after being stopped by Delise four years ago due to lack of funds.  This is an important function from a health standpoint and there have been many outbreaks of cryptosporidium across the nation when this procedure has been neglected.  

I think the thing that I am most looking forward to is the possibility of having an Executive Director that will keep the lines of communication open and speak honestly and directly with her ratepayers.  

Marina Peterson, Bristol

Kris Wetterland Jr. February 17, 2012 at 01:08 AM
Mr. Jannitto's quote "I think she knows what she is getting into" does not show recognition of mismanagement or chaos but rather, he is probably referring to the constant letters to the editor that manipulate every single move that the BCWA makes.
Manifold Witness February 17, 2012 at 12:44 PM
“At the BCWA meeting on Feb. 8, the board of directors voted to take the least expensive corrective action to potentially increase water flow to the Franklin Street area. The issue was made a priority after the state fire marshal was notified of the deficiency. “Once he’s involved in it, he’s the ultimate ruler of what you’ll be doing. No ifs, ands or buts,” said Raymond J. Johnson Jr., BCWA distribution superintendent. The BCWA was asked to make the Franklin Street issue a priority, after the East Bay Community Development Corp. received a non-compliance notice for low water pressure servicing the Franklin Court Assisted Living facility it owns. A report of tests performed by Pare Corp. on fire hydrants on Franklin Street indicated a similar low pressure, with water pressure in one hydrant essentially non-existent. According to the Pare Corp. report, ‘... the flow rate at the Gray Street hydrant was too low to measure with standard flow testing equipment ... these results suggest that the water main on Franklin Street is severely tuberculated.’” http://www.barringtonri.com/news/2012/feb/17/bcwa-opts-clean-franklin-street-area-pipes/


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