Let's Enjoy Beach at Same Price

New user fee is too much for Barrington Beach.

This is my response to a letter you received a couple of weeks ago. Yes, I agree it is healthy to ride your bike, but not to the beach. How can you carry your beach bag, umbrella and cooler?

The only way it would work out is if you live a block or two away from the beach.

I strongly disagree with the beach pass increase. Having the senior citizens paying $10 (for the first time ever) is not right. They need to save their money for more important things.

Increasing the pass to $30 is not right either. The Town Council should have had a meeting about this before they increased it.

I go to the beach quite often but $30 is too much to charge for a small beach whose water is not that clean all the time and the sand is quite rocky.

Let’s enjoy the summer at our town beach paying the same as last year.

Susan Tucker, 10 Laurel Lane, Barrington

B/STOCK May 24, 2012 at 03:25 PM
This was going to be my first year for a free senior pass. After paying $15,000 a year in taxes the town can't even give me a free beach pass. Sort of funny when you think of it.
TryingForGreen May 25, 2012 at 03:06 AM
I'm with you Susan!
Beverly A. Romano June 28, 2012 at 11:24 AM
I've got mixed feelings. The $ 30 fee was just a little to much of an increase. That could have been a little less of a jump ...and perhaps every other year gradually increase a little until a cap is reached for a little while. Even major cities are freezing COLA's - so the beach pass could have been $15 or $ 20. The SENIOR $ 10 pass is not that unreasonable. It's close by.for driving and gas use....not everyone goes lap swimming, etc for hours at a time. To compare the drive (not the beaches and let's face it, no one can control the waters in the bay) to South County or Newport. Further, I was there last Sunday for a while and there were many people in the water--so the water itself is an up and down issue. The beach sand could be softer I agree and perhaps that's something to be worked on. There is going to be a live concert aat the beach in August ...another local event. We can compare the costs for daily parking at other beaches- could be upwards of $ 15-$18 daily so - this is your local bargain of $ 30 for the season. Taking the children to hang out at a local beach for a couple of hours 2-3 x's a week, pack some snacks.. Parking close to your spot - no hinking back to the car for something.... Over 2 months in the Summer comes to fifty cents a day! AND less for seniors STILL a deal...Try requesting more soft sand Perhaps some shade so many other important issues to talk about. Have a great day.


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