Don't Make Promises You Can't Keep

Committee to re-elect jan malik district 67

Imagine a rookie playing for the Red Sox who claims he will win Rookie of the Year honors, along with a batting crown, Gold Glove and also lead the league in steals. Even Red Sox Nation might be a little skeptical.

Imagine a candidate for a seat in the General Assembly claiming he will fix our economy, attract jobs to our state, correct our structural deficit and never miss a day of session.

Democracy is a process and the General Assembly is a body of 113 individuals. Progress is often slow and requires cooperation and collaboration. No one person, no matter how good his or her ideas, can bring enormous change, instantly, and certainly cannot do it alone.

My opponent in the District 67 election says he will reform Rhode Island’s tax structure and create jobs. He will reduce the state sales tax and eliminate the motor vehicle excise tax.

Lofty goals, and possibly something he could accomplish if he were elected King of Rhode Island and could simply order these things to happen. But he needs to realize that, as one of 113 legislators, he will have to work with others to accomplish anything and many of those other legislators may not agree with all his ideas.

He does not say what the fiscal impact of his plans are. Reducing the sales tax, for instance, would leave a $256 million annual hole in the state budget. Eliminating the auto excise tax would force cities and towns across the state to fill a $200 million hole in their collective budgets, money that will not be restored by the state, as it was in the past. What will the municipalities have as an option other than raising property taxes?

How does Mr. Costa propose to close this enormous financial gap? He doesn’t say. But then, apparently, he doesn’t really care how it impacts regular taxpaying families. In a recent article in the Warren Gazette, he acknowledged that he only pays sales tax, so I guess when cities and towns are forced to raise property taxes or auto taxes to address the enormous holes his plan will create, it won’t affect him.

So much for electing a Representative who has a clue what it’s like to be a normal Barrington and Warren resident, who pays taxes.

In the waning days of the election, Mr. Costa seems to be getting desperate. Why else would he mail out a brochure with attacks on me that are simply untrue. He claims I am somehow meddling with women and their insurance coverage, that I have not fought for appropriate funding for our regional school district, that my vote on pension reform has hurt police and firefighters and teachers when, in fact, the pension reforms we implemented are saving communities millions of dollars that would otherwise have to be generated through even higher property taxes.

Finally, my opponent suggests I am responsible for the 38 Studios disaster when, in fact, legislators who were voting on that financing measure for the EDC were not informed specifically where the money was headed.

I suppose if there are a lot of voters in District 67 who are gullible enough to believe Mr. Costa’s mistruths and distortions, they may vote for him.

But facts matter and the fact is I don’t make lofty promises I cannot keep. My only promise has been and continues to be that I will work as diligently as I can to help the residents of District 67 and all of Rhode Island to restore prosperity to our state.


Jan P. Malik

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INDEPENDENTINRI November 02, 2012 at 06:32 PM
HAHAHAHAHA....King of Rhode Island?? Did they teach you that American Politics at Junior College?? Folks, I have received a few advertisings from Mr. Costa so I called him and met him for 2 HOURS at Starbucks in Barrington. We talked about everything from tax reform to education spending to the social issues and as a lifelong resident (52 years) of Barrington who proudly voted for Barack Obama in 2008, I SEE DISTRICT 67 AS THE EASIEST CHOICE IN MY LIFETIME. Peter is articulate and well educated. He graduated from a top-10 college in the country, Mr. Malik does not even have a degree from a 4 year college!!
INDEPENDENTINRI November 02, 2012 at 06:32 PM
Peter understands that we need people with big ideas and big goals running our state because for the last two decades we have had people like Mr. Malik running our state who are complacent with mediocrity and don't understand the bigger picture. (10.5 % unemployment, more people/businesses leaving RI than coming here...) As Barack Obama said in 2008, the only way to vote for a change in ideas is to vote for a change in the person in the office. Jan Malik has been in the state house for 16 YEARS, and has literally done nothing. Oh wait his principal achievement was Pension Reform which cut the rug out from under our teachers, firefighters, and police officers. We can expect the next two years to look identical to the last 16 if we do not vote for PETER COSTA. God Bless.
Lorraine F November 03, 2012 at 08:01 AM
Independent, Don't assume that a college education makes a difference on Smith Hill. Some of the best educated people in American created the financial bubbles of the past two decades (Alan Greenspan, for example). What really counts is a combination of street smarts and a devotion to public service for the good of the public. The selfless politician. Something puts RI into a category of least business friendly, high government sector payroll costs, migration out of the state of those we don't want to lose, influx of those who need greater government subsidy, very high unemployment, etc.. The simple answer is the geography of a small state overpowered by a voting block of Providence, Pawtucket, Central Falls, West Warwick, et. al. That is the problem. There's simply not enough geography in RI to overcome the population imbalance. Thus the candidate of choice has to be one who can build consensus. What we need are people who have the right stuff to know that what we face in RI are two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. What we need is a well armed lamb on Smith Hill (credit to Ben Franklin). So has Mr. Malik demonstrated an ability to build consensus on issues important to Barrington? What is his record? Does Mr. Costa show that he has the right stuff to build consensus to get things done? That's the defining issue.


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