Put Out Your Dead Tree With Trash

Mega Disposal will pick up your dried-out Christmas tree during the first three weeks of January.

You want to dispose of your dried-out Christmas tree. Do what you've always done in Barrington.

Put out the tree with your usual trash on the same day Mega Disposal makes your usual pick-up.

Make sure the tree is stripped of all decorations. Mega won't carry away the tree if it’s littered with garland or other decorations.

A separate truck will come around to pick up dead trees. They will be carried to the Central Landfill in Johnston to be ground into mulch.

You must put out your tree for disposal during the first three weeks of January, though, according to the public works department. The sooner the better as the holiday season winds down -- that will keep your home as safe from fire as possible.

A dried-out Christmas tree can be a real danger in a home, according to Barrington Fire Chief Gerald Bessette.

Do NOT dispose of your tree at Walker Farm, the town’s leaf disposal site. It is NOT a legal dumping spot for Christmas trees.

You will face an illegal dumping charge if you drop your dead tree at Walker Farm.


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