Recycling Made Easier for You

Barrington residents do not need to separate paper from plastic containers and use specially colored bins anymore.

“Everything goes in one bin now.”

That’s how Alan Corvi, director of  public works, explained how recycling in Barrington works now to the Town Council on Monday night. It just got easier, he said.

You can now mix all of your recyclables together. Use the bins you have. Your recycled paper, cardboard and plastic containers will be mixed in the collection truck, too, according to information distributed by the RI Resource Recovery Corporation.

You can also recycle all plastic containers up to 2 gallons in size. You don’t have to check for the numbers in the triangle. If it’s plastic, it can be recycled.

Plastic jars, tubs, cups, yogurt containers, egg cartons and takeout-food containers can go in the recycling bins.

There are still some things that cannot be recycled, said Corvi.

“Scrap metal,” he said, cannot go in the bins. He stressed that point. Things like pots, pans, hangers, wires, appliances, chains, cables, nuts and bolts.

Plastic food or shopping bags also should be returned to the store. Refrigerated and frozen-food boxes cannot be recycled. Don’t drop toys into your bins.

Also, hybrid packaging, greasy pizza boxes, clothing and textiles, chip bags and candy wrappers, hot beverage cups, Styrofoam, injectable needles, light bulbs, mirrors, broken glass, and hazardous waste – propane tanks, oil-based paint, rechargeable batteries – cannot be recycled.

For the complete list of items that can be recycled, click here.

TryingForGreen June 06, 2012 at 01:25 PM
This certainly makes it easier & it's a relief to be able to include all those containers we otherwise had to throw away. I'm just curious about why this has changed. Did they add a new facility in Johnston that can take the higher numbered recyclables?


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